WL//WH Video Of The Day: CIRQUE D’ESS “A Spooky Host”

Video Of The Day CIRQUE D’ESS

Dynamic Italian duo CIRQUE D’ESS, made up of Martina Bufalini aka “Miriam” (vocals, weird objects and fx) & Valerio Girmenia aka “Ryo” (guitars, synths, samplers and reverbs), sharp their distinctively intoxicating RitualWave’, a high-energy obscure alchemy of E.B.M., electroclash, industrial electro, darkwave, and some hidden techno, into a cool DIY music video for the soul-stirring and cinematic new track “A Spooky Host”, the first single, still co-produced with Lorenzo Montanà (Tying Tiffany, Vanity, Pete Namlook, Letherdive, etc.), taken from the upcoming debut album “Black Synthetic and Dense” via Cold Transmission Records.

Deep airy buzzing bass line menace prowls treacherously through mechanical lashing beats and obscure dancing rhythms swaying, while eerie twinkling synth tones and piercing guitar strings flutter and shiver around cold, secret atmospheric whispers and high, anxious exhalations, expanding auras of fear into the ceremonial night euphoria.

Poetic lyrics use duality and metaphor to draw a sentient reflection of a memorable night, when a black scorpion, “A Spooky Host,” appeared on a window sill before a wild and crazy DJ set 100k away.

Smartphones capture a moonlit excursion through the sleeping streets of a small Italian village near Pisa, where surreal shadows and hypnotic hand gestures weave dark ritual fantasies into mother nature’s nocturnal web of beasts. Black and white textures flow obsequiously through an awakening of a bat colony, inquisitive spotted slugs, and frantic, ravenous spiders, spinning alternate dimensions of time and space, while strobing overlays blur trace elements of life leading negative light phantoms backwards toward the point of origin.

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