WL//WH Video Of The Day: SALVANA “Cielos Rojos” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  SALVANA

Salvana, the Spanish Shoegaze quartet from Barcelona, fronted by vocalist Laura S. Nuñez along with Carlitos Nieves (guitar), Pablo Porcar (guitar), and Ana Gavidia (drums), we hosted at the time of the band’s 2022 self-titled debut EP, return with an otherworldly video, shot in Zaragoza by Carlitos Nieves and Laura S. Núñez themselves, for the new single “Cielos Rojos \ Red Heavens,” the second of 2023 after last May’s “Brandemburgo”. 

A beautiful poem about being stuck in a rut paints a cloudy, dreamlike realm where memory loss and lack of vision loops eternal.

A lush and hazy slo-mo ballad, Slowdive’s ‘Just For A Day” style, permeated of dreamlike surreal nostalgia with enticing bittersweet melodies, “Cielos Rojos” glides over rippling sparkling and radiant guitar textures, underlied by heavy stumbling drum beats and sad meandering bass lines, laced with heady, vibrant dazzling surges to encircle lost emotional longing vocals, bursting into a fuzzy wall of sound immersion, with gloomy release.

An Artificial intelligence enhanced ethereal consciousness, shot on location in Zaragoza, Spain by Carlitos Nieves and Laura S. Núñez perfectly captures the metaphysical space between awake and asleep to sync seamlessly with the heady poetry of the soundtrack. Pillars of clouds, glorious soft prismatic tints, and blurry trace overlays stop time around a wandering trio whose psychedelic visions shapeshift matter with the sunset’s transformative shadows.

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