WL//WH Video of the Day : MELTING PALMS “Sober”

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An infectious, mesmerizing reverb drenched guitar driven array of cosmic psychedelia and shadowy shoegaze riddled with brooding dark post-punk undertones.

German 5-piece based out of Hamburg properly define it “echospacereverbrock”, brilliantly embodied in their debut Self/Titled EP released last April, on tape and digital, via fellow label La Pochette Surprise Records.

5 tracks that  will take you into immersive and emotionally charged, unfamiliar yet comforting, sonic soundscapes.

Repetitive mellow jangly guitar lines are challenged by bursts of chilling crystalline melodies as they swell amongst agile rapid drums, and ominous bass pulses intermingle at just the right intervals, intensity, and restraint to create a painful, struggling, anxious atmosphere. Distant, hazy, scared inclining vocals accompanied by female moans shift to more present, strong, and hopeful wishes for the future. A dramatic instant of silence gives way to an intense interlude of resounding sharp stabs of groovy twangy guitar before fast beats and sheer guitar notes highten a liberating ending of happiness and pure joy that is not easy to ascertain.

The song is about seeing the error of your ways, changing it, and going on to pursue your dreams. A problem with substance abuse proved more than one could take. Sober, silent and feeling empty he struggles to find his way. Hitting rock bottom he open his heart and asks to be saved. The old adage ask and you shall receive is still alive and kicking!

The companion video, released and published by La Pochette Surprise Records, uses beautiful landscapes, images of a lake, with friends and family hanging out having a great time. Something shifts and a more foreboding environment arises. The sun and trees now make shadows on the main group of the tale and flashes of murky water flash in and out. Night time arises and one couple walk fairly far into the murkey waters. That’s the end, if you can call it one, obviously open for interpretation.

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