I don’t fuck much with the past but I fuck plenty with the futurePatty Smith

Every Rock’n’Roll music lover has a beloved band or artist that lighted the spark of its hopeless beautiful passion, in my case all started with the one and only The Velvet Underground, naming this blog has been therefore a natural choice.

I deeply loved and still do love their 1967 immaculate debut ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’, but was the following ‘bad, dirty and ugly’ black covered album ‘White Light / White Heat’ that set my soul on fire.

A revolutionary unique work of art that even today, almost five long decades later, retains intact its impact and its extraordinary innovative value, a landmark for all the ‘noise’ and ‘dissonant’ generations to come, one of those records once it enters under the skin never goes away, so far that it’ll always has a place in your all-time favourites.

The main purpose of this site, blog or whatever you wanna call it, is to prove that the contemporary ‘alternative’ music isn’t all bad as many people claim; even if not as innovative, revolutionary and relevant as in the previous decades, very often still deserves our highest attention and regard. We’re going to dig tirelessly above and below the web from all around the world, looking for the ‘beautiful’ sounds that still have the power to shake our senses and blow up our minds, with no boundaries and open-minded, always focused on the ‘now’ but with strong foundations in the past.

The German electronic music pioneer Karlheinz Stockhausen used to say :

We should listen to ’old’ music one day a year and the other 364 days we should listen to ’now’ music”

I hope you’ll join and enjoy the ride…

P.S.  This blog is in memory and inspired by the peerless enthusiast music lover and sorely missed Chris Tessler . I miss you as fuck man!

A couple of years we started a Facebook music group as a meeting point of our different musical heritages, I’m still running it in his memory, if you like guitar-driven rock music, you’re welcome. It has been renamed ‘For The Love Of CHRIS TRESSLER’