WL//WH Track Of The Day: FUTURE NOSTALGIA “Stick Around (Coming Down)”


Let’s go back a couple of weeks or so, to the captivating single “Stick Around (Coming Down)”, of Loveless-esque melody/noise bliss, from the Norwegian foursome based in Oslo, Future Nostalgia, buzzing around my mind ever since, which deftly combines, contemplative and sublime Dream Pop ethereality hued by languid bittersweet vocal harmonies, set in sweeping flows of abrasively bracing Shoegaze guitars awash in reverb.

The band, made up of Erik Lønne (guitars and vocals), Tiril Hognestad (vocals), William Larsson (drums and percussion), Magnus M. Forbord (guitars), and Daragh P. Wearen (bass), most of them longtime stalwarts of the local music scene in projects such as Mining In Yukon, Février, Catnip Cloud and Temporary, had got noticed for last year’s first Self-Titled EP, “Future Nostalgia”, rife with a vibrant, sparkling and introspective sound, drawing inspiration from 90s trailblazers such as Slowdive and Ride, as well as the closest Diiv, Grouper, and Ringo Deathstarr.

The song fluctuates on the hypnotic reflective pace of shimmery electrified strums, underlined by flowing stumbling drums and sinuously warm rubbery bassline pulses, transfixed by dense, rushing hazy brushstrokes of fuzzed-out distortion, laced with wistful rippling strains and plaintive bristling leads, amidst soft fragile yet piercing high angst vocals repetitively asking another to “Stick Around” while listening to the last song of the night play.

“Stick Around (Coming Down)”, which will be included in the band’s forthcoming Spring 2024 debut album, by the way, is going to be released tomorrow, in full DIY spirit, as part of a lathe cut split 7-inch single, limited to 30 copies, with Trondheim‘s DIY indie rockers Fuckleberry, via all Good Clean Records, available at tomorrow’s joint gig at KampenBistro.

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Photo by Margit Rønning Omholt