WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – January #04-22

  • Jackson, Mississippi post-grunge /noise rock /shoegaze /doomgaze 5-piece KICKING “Flowers” from the new cassette EP “Goodbye Party” on Candlepin Records (US) and Harness Records (UK & EU)

Mississippi‘s 5-pieces’ new EP rife with their granitic and evocative 90s tinged melding of heavy rock and shoegaze with alt-rock and grunge inflexions, through vigorous and reverberated ups and downs of dual guitar interplay to draw distorted doomy walls of droning riffage and abrasive bursts, infused with simmering restless darkness on which float lush and magnetic groovy vocalizations of ethereal melancholy and angsty vibrancy. Heavy forceful rhythms drive a bed of boisterous noisy fuzzy riffs and achingly emotional oppressive surges around the primal pain and suffering of emotional, quivering vocals, painful howls, and fierce remorseful lyrical trauma, to expel angry wishes and mean memories from the haunted hallways of deceitful heartbreak.

  • Indonesian dreampop /indie-pop /shoegaze band from Jakarta, SEASIDE “Shadows” single from the forthcoming second LP on Anoa Records

Indonesian indie-pop shoegazing band start the new year with a captivating single scented with swirly, Lush-esque ecstatic vibes through undulating shimmering guitar swells of reverb strewn nostalgia and angst, along wistful keyboard tinkles, to surround the breathless obsessions of dreamy yet hopeless vocal harmonies with swaying “Shadows” of hidden pain.

  • Sheffield, UK based veteran shoegaze /jangle /indie pop band The Suncharms – “Telescope” from “Distant Lights” EP” on Sunday Records

Besides the rework of an album track, English veterans’ new EP includes a pretty riveting unreleased tune all played on the seeming contrasts, between hazy lacerating restrained distortion and bittersweet melody, while in reality, both swing in sync with the obsessive and heady lyrics. Tranquil blurry seaside field recordings fade in distant shimmering guitar chords slowly rising to lace with swaying sun-dazzled fuzzy intensity that wax and wane, swirling with gnarly achingly scraping leads infused with lingering racing anxieties and gloomy grey emotional outpourings from the insistent vocal wanderings, found lost in a tragic sea of sinking dreams.

  • Tallinn, Estonia doomfolk / dreampop / shoegaze duo IMANDRA LAKE “Viludus” single on Seksound Record Label.
  • Brooklyn, NY shoegaze /dreampop solo project Blood Estate “Float ft Wulven” from the album “Floodgate”
  • Brooklyn, NY ambient /shoegaze band Dead Leaf Echo “Kisses.Silence” from the new EP “Milk.Blue.Kisses.And.Whalebone.Wishes”
  • Japanese ambient /experimental /post-rock band from Tokyo, MONO – “Scarlet Holliday” title track from the upcoming EP “Scarlet Holliday” on Pelagic Records
  • New York experimental noise rock legends Sonic Youth “In & Out” (2010) from the “In/Out/In” EP made of unreleased post-2000s tracks, 12″ Vinyl/Cassette, on Three Lobed Recordings
  • Malmö, Sweden Krautpop /Dreampop /Jazzpop project of Olof Persson, AKA Heat and White “Signal Echoes (ft. Sara Hausenkamp)” single on Bibliotek
  • Swedish Italo-Disco /Synthpop duo/legends Sally Shapiro “Down This Road feat. Highway Superstar” ​from their upcoming new album “Sad Cities” on Italians Do It Better.
  • Polish psychedelic folk Poet and Musician based in Poznań (AKA Fairyport Convent), A.J. Kaufmann “Black Dress Moves in a Z-Movie” from the album “How Lonely Does It Get (in a World of Acid)” on The Swamp Records
  • Gothenburg, Sweden indie-orchestral-folk-pop band led by Lars Fredrik Swahn, AKA The Second Hand Orchestra “Choices like wide rivers (new songs also)” from the instrumental album “Reimagining the wide, wide river” on sing a song fighter records [All tracks were originally written by James Yorkston for the Domino Records album “The wide, wide river” by James Yorkston and The Second Hand Orchestra]
  • Bordeaux, France lo-fi /dream pop /psych pop singer-songwriter (of indie rockers Teeth), Pierre Gisèle “Des diamants dans l’eau” from the debut album “Distorsion” on Safe In The Rain Records and Flippin’ Freaks
  • Melbourne, Australia synth-pop/dream pop DIY one-girl-project, Japanese Heart Software “Beer and Skittles” from the new album “SOFT”
  • Berlin-based, Norwegian-Irish folk /art pop singer-songwriter Tara Nome Doyle “Caterpillar” single                                
  • Denver, Co goth /shoegaze /dream pop trio, DORMITION “Loose Equality” from “E.P. 2″
  • Charlottesville-based dark /dreamy /indie-pop outfit FILMS ON SONG “Over the Sink (Single Edit)” single from upcoming ‘Fake Endings’ EP
  • Bristol, UK 5-piece indie /dream-pop band STAY LUNAR “Keeping Me Up All Night” from the EP “Every Cloud”
  • Toronto, ON new wave /indie rock band Hollow Graves “Borderline” from the album “Mid-Century Modern”
  • Copenhagen based dream /indie pop quartet KINDSIGHT “Sun Is Always in My Eyes” from upcoming Lp “Swedish Punk” on Rama Lama Records.
  • Louisville, Kentucky ambient /shoegaze /dream pop solo project, Bradley Coomes “Sunshine (ft. Color Crush)” from the album “Communion” on Deus Marginalia 
  • Toronto, Ontario shoegaze /slowcore /dreampop /slowcore project of multi-instrumental musician/artist Charlie Berger (also Soft Wounds, Slowly, Tonemirror etc.), With Hidden Noise “For The Sun” from the new album “Nowhere”
  • Chicago, Il noise pop /indie rock /shoegaze band Glitter Assassin “Burning Next To Mine” from the EP “Stripping Your Beliefs” on Shore Dive Records
  • England shoegaze /dreampop project of Staffordshire-based producer/musician Jamie Duddy, DREAMBACK “Connected” from the second EP “Asleep”
  • São Paulo, Brazil alt /shoegaze /dreampop 5-piece TURMALLINA “Cinzas” from the debut EP “Aurora”
  • L.A. based dream pop /indie rock solo project drummer Gavin McDonald, AKA Mister Amiss “When You Get Better” from the upcoming debut album “Nominal”
  • Australian indie rock /dream-pop solo project of Brisbane‘s musician (ex Babaganouj and Go Violets) Harriette Pilbeam aka HATCHIE “Quicksand” from the upcoming sophomore LP “Giving The World Away” on Secretly Canadian                          
  • Singapore‘s noise rock /shoegaze /dream pop band Coming Up Roses “Glass Stained Eyes” title track from the new EP “Glass Stained Eyes”
  • Japanese indie pop /shoegaze trio PLASTIC GIRL IN CLOSET “Frozen Fields (2022 Remake Ver.)” from “White Loud (Remake)” rearranged-remixed version plus a bonus track of the 2014 EP sold at gigs only
  • French post-punk /shoegaze /indie-pop one-woman band Maud Anyways “Move Forward” single
  • Japanese indie pop band American Girl – “Marmalade & Chocolate” from V/A “UNDER FLOWER FES Compilation” compilation dedicated to Under Flower Records label on Testcard Records
  • Pateros, Philippines bedroom /synth pop /indie pop outfit UGLY UGLY “Dream catcher” from the upcoming “Don’t Sleep Yet” EP on Japanese label galaxy train
  • Irish C86 /new wave /indie pop band NO MONSTER CLUB “Save the Circus” from upcoming 8th album “Deadbeat Effervescent” on Emotional Response / Popical Island 
  • Mid-’80s Bristol, UK C86 /indie pop group (after 1990 evolving into Beatnik Filmstars), The Groove Farm “Kvatch” (1987) from the upcoming ltd. blue vinyl edition compilation album “The Surf Shop / Baby Blue Marine (Overkill)” on Raving Pop Blast! Recordings
  • London, UK gothic post-punk / shoegaze /dark psychedelic duo BLACK DOLDRUMS “Into Blue” from the upcoming debut album “Dead Awake” on Fuzz Club Records
  • Sweden‘s indie pop /psychedelic rock outfit (members of Monokultur, Makthaverskan, Amateur Hour, Loopsel), Skiftande Enheter “Lyckan i Din Hand ”from the upcoming sophomore 7″ vinyl EP “Öppna Landskap” on Happiest Place Records
  • Philadelphia, PA-based psych /garage rock act led by songwriter Brian von Uff, The Mary Veils “Bone Blossom Green” from “Esoteric Hex” [LP] via PNKSLM Recordings
  • Australian 4-piece psychedelic rock band based in Sydney, THE LAZY EYES “Hippo” single
  • Jennings, Louisiana teen garage rock band formed in 1967, The Little Bits “Evil On My Mind” from the album “Girl Give Me Love” on Sundazed Music / Modern Harmonic
  • Minneapolis experimental /dreampop /jangly /psychedelic artist (former Velvet Davenport), Parker Sprout “Milk in the Sun” title track from the upcoming album “Milk in the Sun” on Moon Glyph Records
  • San Francisco lo-fi /psych /indie rock solo project of K Linn, AKA Sad Eyed Beatniks “Hysterical Rooters” from the upcoming 12″ vinyl album “Claudia’s Ethereal Weaver” a co-release by Meritorio Records and Paisley Shirt Records
  • San Francisco, Ca lo-fi power-pop project of Mike Ramos, aka Tony Jay “Slow Dreams” from the album “2021” collection of live and unreleased tracks from 2021.
  • Olympia, Wa jangly guitar pop band Field School “I Just Want to Paint You in Pictures” from the cassette EP “It’s Only Everything”.
  • Montreal, Quebec indie shoegaze /psych /new wave /dream pop band Crystal Eyes “The Sweetness Restored” from second full-length album “The Sweetness Restored” on Bobo Integral
  • Edmonton, Canada surf rock /shoegaze /psych-pop outfit BEACH TOWELS “Drip Dry” new single.
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana chillwave /dream pop /indie pop 4-piece RIAROSA “Aaron’s Song” from the EP “Pinkish”
  • New York experimental /Krautrock /psychedelic /electronic project of duo Nicolás Jaar and Dave Harrington, DARKSIDE “Ecdysis!” single on Matador Records
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee bedroom /post-hardcore /indie rock /shoegaze solo project Blue Heron, Holy Ghost “Crush” from the EP, “I thought you loved me but it was just a dream or; how to ghost someone completely” debut album
  • Switzerland post-metal /doomgaze trio E-L-R “Seeds” 2nd single from the upcoming album via Prophecy Productions
  • Richmond, Virginia doom pop /post-metal /heavy shoegaze 5-piece SOM “Wrong” from the second full-length “The Shape of Everything” on Pelagic Records
  • Minneapolis, MN post-hardcore /noise rock /shoegaze 3-piece PRIZE HORSE “Musket” from the EP “Welder” on New Morality Zine
  • Italian post-punk /shoegaze /noise rock band KICK “Rubberlover” second single from the upcoming new album “Light Figures” via Anomic Records, Dischi Sotterranei and Sour Grapes
  • Austin, TX grunge /shoegaze /emo /noise rock band Horse Rider – “How 2 Ride” title track from the debut EP “How 2 Ride”
  • Biarritz, France grunge /alt noise-rock solo project of Yrwan Garcia Léal, aka YGGL “imagine” from the upcoming album “Forgotten” on Musique d’Apéritif / Cowboy à La Mode
  • Memphis, Tennessee garage /synth-punk band (members of Lost Sounds), SWEET KNIVES “Dont Think Too Much” from the new album “Spritzerita” on FDH records
  • Parisian now wave /post-punk /garage /noise pop duo Martin (Welt Motors) and Quentin (Modern Men), S for Swallow “GG88” from the debut cassette EP “DEMO” on In Silico
  • San Francisco folk psych pop /garage rock 4-piece Lofi Legs “My Silence” single from the upcoming album “Leg Day” on We Were Never Being Boring Collective
  • Luleå/Göteborg, Sweden experimental post-punk /indie rock band Levande Död “Arbete & Fritid” from the upcoming sophomore LP “Ingen Framtid” on Happiest Place Records
  • East Yorkshire, UK indie pop /fuzzy /post-punk /indie rock 5-piece PRIESTGATE “Eyes Closed For The Winter” title track from upcoming EP “Eyes Closed For The Winter” via Lucky Number & Mirror Music Group
  • Japanese indie power guitar pop band KUNG-FU GIRL “Rabuka” from the second LP “Sunset Park” on Testcard Records
  • Chester, UK 3-piece fuzzy indie-pop band PEANESS “How I’m Feeling” new single off of upcoming debut album, “World Full Of Worry”.
  • Ottawa, Canada indie brunch pop duo Soft Top Intrepid “Lemon Lung” second single
  • London, UK indie-rock 4-piece SEA GIRLS “Sleeping With You” single                                                                        
  • German indie rock /dream pop singer-songwriter Philine Sonny “Same Light” single                                                              
  • French & American, independent alt-folk duo Freedom Fry “You Know the Way” single
  • Ontario, Canada indie rock /dream pop artist Flower Face “Sugar Water” single on Nettwerk
  • London based soul /indie folk singer/songwriter Nilüfer Yanya “Midnight sun” from upcoming LP “PAINLESS” on ATO Records
  • Gympie, Australia indie-folk singer-songwriter Darren Hanlon “Lapsed Catholic” from the upcoming sixth studio album “Life Tax”.
  • Austin, TX indie folk singer-songwriter (part of American Friend), Jana Horn “Optimism” title track from the debut album “Optimism” on No Quarter
  • Cambridge, UK post-punk /post-rock /indie /spoken word /art-rock 6-piece, Black Country, New Road – “Snow Globes” from upcoming sophomore LP “Ants From Up There” on Ninja Tune


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