WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – January #04-22

by Adrian Gaut


  • Comme des Larmes podcast #68 | MAX SINCLAIR                                                                                               

Max Sinclair is a Budapest-based eclectic selector, A&R, and promoter, as well as co-founder of electro label Dalmata Daniel and co-owner of industrial-techno imprint Brvtal Budapest, whose multifaceted sets ‘merge the lines between disco, acid and electro or broken techno’.

  • Chicago, IL ambient /experimental /breakbeat /downtempo /electronic producer (AKA All Light Hits U and part of trio Purelink), Concave Reflection “Love Has Made Me Loveless”                                                             

Ceaselessly syncopated downtempo rhythms and metronomic tinkling piano keys elicit twelve minutes of trance-inducing immersion that travels through hypnotic vocal swirls, soft crushing Janet Jackson “On my Own” samples, and a soul-stirring poem by Elias Shagiz Adonay Tesfaye about suffering, loss, and love to submerge the body, mind, and soul in a surreal, relaxing escape, where atmospheric magnetic drones and evocative ambient tonal imagery shift sentient vibrations from head to toe in blissful sonic cycles of cathartic delight.

  • Ukrainian acid /breakbeat /techno /ethno /electronic producer Re:drum – “Payne” part of V/A compilation [PF004] on Progressive Future

Even if we’re unfortunately helpless, we would like to listen about Ukraine or whatsoever else related to music, not war as the absolutely huge ‘pure ethnic madness’ from Ukrainian producer Re:drum that makes us travel to bass-heavy, swirling and spicy exotic realms with hypnotic female vocals to drive arabesque flavours through an intoxicating flying carpet ride of bouncing and buzzing rich bass tones, repetitive stomping breakbeat rhythms, and twinkling ice bright string obsessions, rising and falling in unstoppable dancefloor intensities of Middle Eastern trance-inducing frenzy. 

  • Odessa, Ukraine EBM /experimental /industrial /noise /dark electronic DJ-producer Oleksii Rennst, aka RENNST “Lust Of The Flesh” single

Odessa-based dark electronic producer/DJ Oleksii Rennst delivers an absolutely thundering EBM-inflected techno stormer to unleash droning bass tones that flicker wicked undulations around steady marching beats and lighting flashes of time opening hidden desires with distant distorted vocal intoxication, rotating hypnotically amid eerie, sinister synth strains of harsh flashing and glowing lights, building an ultimate banging and buzzing acidic dancefloor oppressive tension from “Lust of the Flesh.”

  • Sheffield, UK experimental techno trio THE BLACK DOG “Form, Function and Friction” from upcoming “Brutal Minimalism” EP.
  • Berlin-based, Frankfurt-area experimental electronic German producer and founder of the label Lopasura, Benedikt Frey “Rage” featuring Dylan Thomas poem ‘Do Not Got Gentle In The Good Night’ read by Anthony Hopkins
  • Belgrade experimental /ambient /tribal /psych /acid /downtempo /electronic duo Nebojša Bogdanović and Goran Simonoski, aka TAPAN feat. Decha – “Twenty (Full Circle Remix)” from “Twenty” EP on Malka Tuti
  • Glaswegian leftfield/psych/cosmic slow techno DJ/producer and Phase Group label head, MR TC “Drome” from V/A “Long Term Evolution” [LTE01] on new Prague’s label LTE
  • Italian ambient /experimental /trance /kraut /cosmic electronic sound engineer, selector and music producer based in Milan, Tagliabue – “Profezia” from upcoming debut mini-album “Ambiente Sonoro” on Elephant Gait Music                                                                                                                                                                   
  • UK new wave/ post-punk /psych /techno musical project of East London based DJ, Katie Wilkinson, aka Birds – “A Pointless Trip” from V/A “IMPACT Vol. 2” compilation on Freeride Millenium
  • Barcelona‘s Ambient /Darkwave /Witch House producer LEVANAH 2.1 “NOthing” single
  • Berlin-based pioneer techno project of Johnny Klimek & Paul Browse (founder member of Clock DVA), aka System 01 – “Paralysed Force” (1990) from 2xLP compilation “System 01 1990-1994” [Mannequin Records]
  • Strasbourg, France EBM /techno /dark electro project Vondkreistan – “Electronique Machine – Feat Iris Capricorn (Baroque Remix)” from “Electronique Machine” EP on Nocturbulous Records
  • Rome-bred, Berlin-based EBM /industrial techno /darkwave /experimental electronics producers, Lestat & Lady Maru “Expectations” from the new album “Bloody & Teary Country” on Moscow’s Routine Records         
  • Glasgow-based, Scottish EBM /wave /techno producer (one half of Scottish Power), Paulitical – “Rebel Without A Clue (Ethan Fawkes Remix)”off of upcoming EP “Rebel Without A Clue” on Still Distant Records            
  • Brazilian experimental /industrial /EBM /techno /dark synth producer and Comme Des Larmes curator Thiago Cantarutti, aka RUMORE – “People Who Make Us Laugh Also Make Us Cry” off of upcoming V/A “Pildoras Tapes V.A ll” [Pildoras Tapes]                                                                                                                                                                    
  • German EBM /techno /electronic music project Right Hand Of Heaven “Forces”
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental/electro/EBM/techno/dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER “ Red Lights Feat. Anne Artikel” from V/A “Eternal Wound” compilation via kontralamakina
  • ParisF.T.G & MYNDRILL “Love will tear us apart (Luca Agnelli Remix)” on SKYLAX RECORDS
  • Trieste, Italian acid /rave /industrial /dark techno producer and Insane Industry & Das Kollektive head, Lobotomija “Défaillance” single on Insane Industry
  • Industrial /techno /neo reggaeton project of Uruguayan transgender producer Rodriga Fuertes, aka CuerinaRawDry – “En La Negra Oscuridad Donde Te Hundes Mi Corazon Te Vigila” off of V/A “Termoiónico” compilation via new Chilean label ABSU LAB
  • Italian analogue proto-techno /EBM project, Violet Poison & Dre ft. Vic – “Empty Truth” from V.A – “Tunnel Vision” compilation on new Buenos Aires label Trigger Discipline 001
  • Stockholm, Sweden dark disco /new beat /techno /electronic producer PSILODUMP – “Mind [ BERLIN BUNNY REMIX ]” from upcoming V/A “VOL.001 for ANIMALS” charity compilation on Dark Disco
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina EBM /industrial /techno /electro producer Estado Critico – “Eight of Swords” from “Mi Templo” EP
  • UK EBM /acid /dark /raw electro project of Mike Smith (aka Crossover Network), aka E.L.I. “Unremitting Anxiety” from the cassette EP “Smile Through the Sorrow” [SOIL]
  • Lyon, French industrial techno producer SALEM UNSIGNED “Ritual Performance” single
  • Detroit-based ambient dark techno producer, Uun “Circadian Forest” from “Infernal Measure” EP on MORD
  • French dark techno producer Jeremy Bonnet, aka Hadone – “Sick Of The Sun” from “Various Artists 2″ – EP 2” series on ParisPossession label
  • Lyon, France rave /trance /hard techno duo Midnight Vices – “Prohibis (Falhaber Remix)” EP on COUP
  • Berlin-based EBM / Italo disco /electronic / techno Toulouse‘s producer (aka Lapse Of Reason and half of Imperial Black Unit), Pablo Bozzi “Vanishing Paradise” from the EP “Ghost Of Chance” on Dischi Autunno
  • London, UK based electroclash /breakbeat /house /synthwave /Italo disco DJ-producer Louis De Tomaso – “The Visitor” from “In My Body” EP on Ritmo Fatale
  • Mysterious industrial /acid /dark electro producer NOTH “Action”                                                                                                                                    
  • Chilean experimental /industrial /techno producer ccciclo “イカリrabia”                                                                                         
  • Reykjavik-born, Berlin-based Braindance /techno /electro producer Volruptus – “Arsenal” from his forthcoming EP “Pyrolatry” on the French label Tripalium Corp‘s subdivision, Tripalium Records                        
  • Dutch dark electro producer /DJ, RXmode – “Accelerator” off of upcoming “Tunnel” EP on Mannequin Records
  • Australia/France EBM /Techno /HI-NRG /Electro producer duo Nite Fleit & Umwelt “Nightmare At 20.000 Feet” EP on New Flesh / Rave Or Die
  • Lithuanian breakbeat /techno / electro producers 5ZYL & BASK “Main Goal” title track from upcoming EP on PZ Records
  • Liverpool born, France based veteran electro producer Carl Finlow (Carbon Academy, Random Factor, Voice Stealer), aka Silicon Scally “Receptors” from “Field Lines” on Central Processing Unit
  • Berlin based ambient /techno /electro producer Alpha Visitor “EOgenetics”                                                                                        
  • Warsaw’s Ambient /Detroit Techno producer Private Press “Weitweir” from upcoming ‘Young At Heart’ EP on Of Paradise
  • Essex, UK ambient /psychedelic /deep /dub /techno / electronic producer Ruffien “Scenic Route” from the upcoming debut album “To Win in Silence” on Deeptrax Records                                                                                    
  • Mexican indie dance /tropical /acid /electronic producer EDD BRAVE “Pegate (Favio Inker Remix)” from “Pegate” EP on Maleante Records
  • Romania-based ambient /drum & bass /leftfield /experimental producer DYL “Burst Contour (DYL Rework)” from “Lenses Dances (Edits by DYL)” EP on Mirae Arts
  • Krasnodar, Russian based eclectic psych Goa trance electronic DJ/producer Konstantin Isayev (aka Volta Cab), AKA Rambal Cochet “Data Italia” from V/A “Unreleased Territory vol. 3” on Electric Shapes
  • Italian psych-ethno-electro-disco producer, musician, DJ and co-owner of Raibano Records, Alberto Melloni – “Comanche (Amarcord Remix)” from “Comanche” EP on Rotten City Records
  • Madrid, Spain dark disco /electronic DJ-producer and Play Pal Music owner, Teniente Castillo “Padre Karras (Original Mix)” from the upcoming Playground Records‘ “9 Years Compilation”
  • Vasconian dark disco /electronic duo Barko feat. Damien Karras – “U-Turn” from “Unreachable” EP on Espacio CIELO
  • Ibiza, Spain indie dance /house /disco /electronic producer-DJ, Claudio Ricci – “Haunting Days (Original)” off of V/A “VA.LUES 03” on ​Secret Fusion                                                                                                                     
  • Berlin-based dark disco/indie dance/electro artist [one-half of indie dance act Leggings], Heidenreich feat. Vongold – “Fiction” from “Vongold & Friends” EP [Jane Musica]                                                                                                
  • German IDM /Braindance /Acid /Electronic producer Florian Förster “Moodpottery” from the EP “Chicken Milk” on Pingdiscs
  • Melbourne based experimental /ambient /drum & bass /electronic producer Cypha – “Cy-1er” from the album Cymatics/Ghost Money” on e-quarium
  • Italian ambient /deep /techno producer Emanuele Pertoldi, AKA Shaded Explorer “Selva” from V/A “Mirror Tapes Worldwide vol. 1” on Mirror Tapes
  • Romania-based ambient /drum & bass /experimental producer DYL “Burst Contour (DYL Rework)” from “Lenses Dances (Edits by DYL)” EP on Mirae Arts
  • South Bend, Indiana ambient /electronic /experimental project of Malawian American Anderson Chimutu, AKA Fumbata Phiri “Reorientation” from the album “Liminal Space” on Reserve Matinee
  • Ambient artist and experimental sound designer from The Netherlands, Lingua Lustra “Life2, Pt. 3” from the album “Life2” on Exosphere label
  • UK ambient /chill /drone /synth musician Phil Ward, AKA The Quietist “Before in Dreams of Silence” from upcoming LP “Hidden” on Somewherecold Records
  • Ashburton, UK ambient /dub /drone /electronic duo Lee Anthony Norris (AKA Metamatics, Norken, Nacht Plank) and Macedonian producer Dimitar Dodovski, AKA Moss Garden “Strange Terrain” from the album “In the Silence of the Subconscious” on Neotantra
  • German ambient /classical /electroacoustic /electronic collaboration Sven Laux & Logic Moon “Pain, Struggle, Relief” from the upcoming album “The Unavoidable Death of Loneliness” on Ambientologist
  • Shenzhen, China ambient /techno /electronic project KAGAMI SMILE “Depthless” from the upcoming album “You In Fog” on Shimmering Moods Records
  • East German ambient /neo-classical /cello / poly-instrumental brother composer duo, Brueder Selke, aka CEEYS “Opal Glass” from the cassette album “The Grunewald Church Session” (originally released on digital in 2016 via 1631 Recordings) on Oscarson
  • Portland, Or experimental /ambient /drone /electro-acoustic duo Spencer Williams and Ryan Gracey, aka DRAPE “On a Clear Day” from the double album “Forage / Presence” from the ltd. cassette ‘Forage’ (Baro, 2016), plus the new album ‘Presence’, on Infraction
  • England, UK ambient /psychedelic /folk /experimental collaboration between Clay Pipe artists Oliver Cherer (Gilroy Mere) and D Rothon, aka D Rothon & O Cherer “The Tide Turns” from the album “Estuary English”
  • Spanish ambient /loop /field recordings /experimental producer Mínim “IV” from the album “Acusmàtica” on Mascarpone Discos
  • Portland, Or ambient /drone /cosmic /electronic /synth musician Daryl Groetsch “Floating” from “Beige World” album
  • Swedish ambient /classical /piano musical project of Stockholm-based multi-artist Sofia Nystrand, AKA Vargkvint – “Efterskalv” from upcoming V/A “Piano Day Compilation Vol. 1” on LEITER