WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #24


Peaks Of The Week:

  • Paris-based techno/EBM/electronic producer MIND | MATTER “Innocent or guilty” from upcoming “EP “Peste Nera” out July 5th                                                                                                                                               

Parisian young producer, besides delighting us with his new post-punk project Our Broken Dreams, is above all a skilled artisan of gloomy and energetic industrial techno dancefloor smashers where hammering and metallic percussive elements intersect with broken cadence over vibrating rattles, drones and vocal samples creating a sinuous, dynamic and overwhelming whole of techno bliss.

  • US ambient/experimental/electronic composer, visual & recording artist LORN “Timesink” from the new album “Drown the Traitor Within”

A brand new album, yet another dark and ethereal, vibrant and energetic electronic journey full of allure and enticing derangement which makes Lorn as mind-meltingly magnificent as ever.

  • British techno/EBM collaboration between Belfast dj/producer and Nitzer Ebb founder, Phil Kieran & Douglas McCarthy “Fall Rise (Original Mix)” from “Fall Rise” EP on Optimo Music.

Stunning and poignant, vintage-tinged and stripped down, electro-punk/EBM collaborative new track, definitely one for igniting floors.

  • Turkey/England experimental electronic collaboration Ipek Gorgun x Mira Calix – “Knightscope K5 (Remix)” off of V/A “CRXSSINGS (fundraiser for Athens’ City Plaza Hotel)” benefit compilation album
  • UK ambient/neo-classical duo C. Owen + M. McGarry, aka Couture “Mislaid” from V/A “Televisioned” on Soft Verse
  • Pittsburgh based electronic/space/progressive/horror soundtrack/krautrock solo project of veteran musician Anthony E. Paterra (half of duo Zombi), aka Majeure – “Longing, Love, Loss” from the album “Mass Flashback” out September 27 via Holodeck                                                                                                             
  • Spokane/Minneapolis experimental electronic/witch house/doomwave/darksynth collaboration BLVCK CEILING X BADASS WOLF SHIRT “1:11” on Polycoffin
  • Polish experimental /trip-hop /shoegaze /ambient /glitch /krautrock /techno duo Palmer Eldritch “Kiedy” from the LP ‘[dog]’ on Trzy szóstki
  • The Tzadikov Children Choir – “Sleep My Child (Feller Edit)” off of V/A “Serenades Vol. 1” vinyl compilation on Siberian label Serenades                                                                                                                   
  • Russian electronic producers and DJ duo from Moscow, co-founder of the label ИДА, Uninc & Kolomensky – “Baikal (Bongos Version)” from upcoming EP on Sulk MagicSulk Magic                             
  • St Petersburg‘s ambient/abstract/downtempo duo of singer Radmila Nikogosian and composer Pavel Astvatsaturian, aka Delicate Features “Brume” from upcoming “Way Home” on Freeride Millenium        
  • Sweden-based Polish Punk/Electro/EBM producer SUKABURA “Krym” from the 2-track single “Jad”         
  • Greek raw industrial dark electronic techno producer DJ LOSER “ROYAL TO A FAULT” from the EP “ADRENALINA DEMONICA” on Magdalena’s Apathy
  • Dutch industrial/’slow-wave’/electronic producers Parrish Smith + Interstellar Funk “Misinformation” from the upcoming s/t 4 track EP out July 10th 2019 on Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S.)             
  • Kehrschliefe – “Leonid Brezhnev (Mick Wills Cut)” from “Casting Shadows – Mick Wills Cuts” 12″ on brokntoys
  • Colombian industrial techno/EBM duo ALPHA & NECROMANTE “Solve Et Coagula” V/A compilation “Guadaña” on Aperitif de la Mort
  • Savannah, Georgia-born/Western Massachusetts-based dark industrial electronic synth wave duo, Boy Harsher “Tears (Minimal Violence Remix)” from upcoming 12″ EP “Careful Remixes, etc.”
  • Berlin-based German industrial/techno producer Parallx “Pi4″ from the EP ‘RP4’ 12” on R – Label Group
  • French industrial techno duo producer, MOTH “Purple Dawn” from upcoming split EP “MOTH VS HDN” on Maison Close                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Dutch tribal/acid techno/industrial noise producer, SIFRES “Psychedelic Revolution (Stefan ZMK remix)” from V/A “OBS.CUR 10 Years of Madness” EP on OBS.CUR                                                                               
  • Paris based techno producer Pavel K. Novalis – “Form Follows Function” from “Molekül Alliance” split EP with Incident Prism on Molekül
  • Springfield, Illinois dark electronic/industrial techno/EBM producer Daymon Kiliman, a.k.a. LUCT MELOD “Obelus” from new EP “Kedogen”
  • St. Petersburg based Russian industrial/EBM/techno producer, Regulaar “Milf version”
  • Grenoble, France dark electronics/EBM/rave/acid/industrial techno producer Maxime Fabre, aka Crystal Geometry “Pandemics” from the EP “The Cyber Heresy” on Sonic Groove
  • Italian porn-ceptual industrial project by Erminio Granata and Carmine Laurenza, aka HYPERLACRIMAE “Nasotti’s White Charme” from the upcoming album “Through the lies of Mr. Nasotti” on Infidel Bodies
  • UK longstanding industrial techno duo EMPIRION “Too Many Masters Part 2 (ft. Lucia Holm)” from the forthcoming EP “Resume” on Dependent.
  • London-based, Bulgarian-born industrial/minimal synth/ new wave/experimental electronic artist Stan Iordanov, aka AJ Pain “Swivels feat. Tenko Nakajima” from the upcoming album “U-Heads” on ACC Records
  • German dark electro/industrial technol/EBM producer Edward Puccini, aka VZOID “I Don’t Regret” from the upcoming album “Immersion” on Nowhere Now Records
  • Danish veteran EBM industrialists Negant “Triggered” from the upcoming six-track mini-album “Refuse!”.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentinian new wave/krishnacore/synthcore/dark techno/Ebm artist Cándido – “Mucho frío” from the mini-LP “Beatalicio” on SOIL
  • Malta‘s electro bass drive music producer Keith Farrugia, aka SOUND SYNTHESIS “How It Feels” from “Xjenza Eletronika” EP on Gated Recordings.
  • London based breakbeat/bass/electro collaboration between producers Keith Tenniswood (Radioactive Man) and Venezuela-born Alfonso Aruajo ( Ara U), Ara U / Radioactive Man “Daytime Robbery” from “Plastic Attack” EP
  • Toronto, Canada ambient/industrial/breakbeat/dark electronics producer and Summer Isle Records honcho, E-Saggila “My World My Way” title track of the upcoming EP on Northern Electronics               
  • Toulouse, France electronic composer & DJ head of Champ’Caine Records, SOPHONIC “Lauda (David Carretta Remix)”                                                                                                                                                       
  • Berlin-based woman-machine EBM/techno/dark electro project founded by Aga Wilk (former 77™), ROMANCE DISASTER “War” off of new EP “Take Off Your Past”
  • French techno/electro producer from Paris, Yan Wagner aka The Populists “Bakchich” from the upcoming EP “Bakchich” on Zone-Music                                                                                                                           
  • Tirana based Albanian balearic/downtempo/psych/electronic duo Pines In The Sun – “Zig Zag Sea (Duncan Gray Remix)” off of ‘Zig Zag Sea EP’ on UK/Albanian imprint Olimpiada
  • French DJ/producer Italo disco electronic producer Darlyn Vlys “Bladed (Pardon Moi Remix)” from new EP “Bladed” on Roam Recordings
  • Nice, France fetish/electro/synthwave producer HEELS MACHINE “Suck” (Summer edit)                               
  • London, UK dark disco/electronic producer FROM BEYOND “No Rest” title track from the upcoming new EP on Nein Records
  • Italo disco/synth-pop New York street urchin alter ego of UK producer Antoni Maiovvi, aka Jason Priest “Glow (feat. Let Em Riot)” from new “Nightmare Boy” EP via Electric Dream Records.
  • Marseille, France dark electronic/synthwave producer ERIK WAVE “Substance”
  • Italian retro/dreamwave /synthwave producer COSMO COCKTAIL “Summer Of My Mind”
  • SwissNepalese electronic producer, vocalist and Dance Noire label founder, Aïsha Devi – ”Uupar-Theory” from the upcoming EP “S.L.F.” via Houndstooth Label
  • London-based noise/industrial/power electronic/heavy techno producer and The Judgement Hall techno events founder, LUPUS “Martyr” from V/A EP – ਸ਼ਹੀਦ – first release for his new label The Judgement Hall Records
  • Norway dark ambient/experimental/industrial/electronics act Pact Infernal “Kothar-Wa-Khasis” from the 2019 Pact Infernal EP ‘The Gehenna Odyssey’ on Altar
  • Greek dark techno live act duo, Jokasti & Nek “Forgetting” from the “Uncertain Past” EP on Prodigal Son
  • Egyptian experimental/ambient/electronic music producer and sound designer born in Cairo, ABADIR “Aphasia” title track of the new cassette on Yerevan Tapes
  • Hamburg, German experimental electro-acoustic composer Marc Richter, aka BLACK TO COMM “Eden-Olympia” from upcoming album “Before After” on Thrill Jockey Records
  • Preston, UK ambient /drone/space synth/electronic project of Stephen James Buckley, aka POLYPORES “Flora” title track from the new album on Castles In Space
  • Stockholm, Sweden based experimental/ambient/minimalism/modern classical American composer and musician KALI MALONE “Litanic Cloth Wrung” from the double album “The Sacrificial Code” on iDEAL Recordings
  • Experimental project from French violinist Agathe Max and British musician and producer Tom Relleen (half of the duo Tomaga and member of The CAN project), PAPIVORES “Poupre Reflets Glace” from the upcoming album “Death And Spring” on Hands In The Dark
  • Moscow, Russian 80s experimental synth electronic duo of Alexei Borisov and Ivan Sokolovsky, aka Notchnoi Prospekt [Ночной Проспект] “On The Coast” from the double vinyl reissue of “Health Resorts of the Caucasus/Курорты Кавказа” (1987) on Gost Zvuk