WL//WH Video Of The Day: SEVERINE DAY “Unsterblich Zu Sein | Immortal To Be”

Video Of The Day SEVERINE DAY 

Brussels, Belgium-based filmmaker and musician, as well as bassist and singer of the Electroclash group “Emma Peal” since the early 2000s, draws from the secrets and oddities of life under the “Severine Day” moniker to explore the sounds between Coldwave, New Wave, and Electro with a chilling video for the song “Unsterblich Zu Sein” taken from the recent debut 4-track EP “Unsterblich.”

Mysterious, spine-tingling biting textures expand obsessive, organic bassline throbs, steady skipping rhythms, sparse ominous acidic flourishes, and eerie hallucinating synth flashes, dimly gleaming atop the bewitching allure of evocative vocals pondering immortality through the pain and sacrifice of ordinary existence, to fall breathless into a swirling haunted daydream of human fervour.

16mm and Super8mm camerawork by Mélusine Delferière, Vincent Peal and Maxime Feyers, expose vintage despair over a graveyard introspection, where sunlight pierces shadows of darkness with warmth and wisdom. A fragmented flow of dazzling treetops, angsty urban crowds, and outdoor wanderings merge under the dropping leaves of time to enshrine a black-clad, gothic beauty in mystic travels to the nether world. Universal symbols of life and death, religious iconography, and images of civil unrest cast fear and doubt over a parallel timeline, whilst flaming overlays and soaring seagulls transcend the mind’s eye of nocturnal sadness with hope and rebirth.

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Picture by Mélusine Delferiere