WL//WH Track Of The Day: SEIZURE SISTER “Under You”


We can talk about timeless and unmistakable throwback shoegaze sound delivered with energy, freshness and melodic edge, in the case of the Dallas, TX-based, I guess one-man, band, seizure sister.

The Texan act is back with a more extroverted and manic sophomore single, titled “Under You”, via Oakland based label Bliss Beat Records, than the equally compelling yet introspective and darker debut “Pinpoint”.

Just under four minutes of full-bodied, tumultuous, and dizzy guitar ecstasy in perfect balance between melody and noise, harmony and chaos, that seems to twirl in a suspended atmosphere, both dreamlike and abstract, yet profoundly tangible and emotional at the same time.

The frantic double clashing of the cymbals triggers an unbridled and vibrant electric ride thick with fuzzy distortion, magmatic stratifications and atmospheric sensorial nuances, straddling the fluctuating intersection of blurry shades and dazzling shimmers, ethereal moody melodies and abrasive hallucinated guitar drives, fueled by persistent rattling rhythms tracking the groove of relentless melancholic and swooshing soaring spirals, on which light celestial hums float weightless through the misty reverb-induced ecstatic haze, ebbing and flowing narcotically into high airy breathes of a hypnotic daydreamer’s daze.

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