WL//WH New Music: NAUSICAA “Obsidian” (Official Music Video)


The two-piece Australian atmospheric Shoegaze / Dream Pop band based in Melbourne, Nausicaa, made up of Kristen (vocals, bass) and Dave (guitar, backing vocals, engineering), warm up the release of their upcoming debut EP with a metaphorical video for last April’s single Obsidian.”

“Kristen’s hypnotic voice disarms with its clarity and pure tone, and shines through their music’s dense atmospheres, drawing inspiration from Jeff Buckley, Bjork, Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins, Michael Jackson and Thom Yorke whilst Dave’s main guitar influences are The Cure’s Robert Smith, Kurt Cobain, Jonny Greenwood, Dave Gilmour and Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine. “

Contemplative lyrics merge romantic sensibilities with celestial symbols to expose the beauty of the shadow side, like the insightful reflecting light of an “Obsidian” glass stone.

Photo by Jo

The duo’s signature bewitching melodies and immersive dreamlike auras compose subtly restless drifting mists of distorted fuzzed-out guitar riffs and distant haunting echoes, underlied by soft plodding drum beats and warm vibrant bass pulses, to slowly release discomforting tension around beautiful, sad angelic vocals, drowsily crooning, into a mysterious fate of star-lit reflection. 

Otherworldly visuals, by Jo and Kirsten H, fuse ethereal lights and shadows with a magical ‘night sky’ performance by Nausicaa, to elicit the subconscious moods of the soundtrack. Surreal cosmic imagery swirls atop a striking white-clad muse, creating the illusion of being under a full moon heaven where forgotten metaphysical forces transform a weary soul with the illuminating mystery of universal wisdom.

In the meantime Melbourne unit has just dropped a live video for their mesmerizing version of Deftones“Diamond Eyes”, the title track of the 2010 album.

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