Video Of The Day Monochromatic Visions

Monochromatic Visions, now a duo consisting of South African-born, Athens-raised Arthur Pegis and Italian-born Thomas Bagnoli – was first conceived in 2014 by Arthur who solely wrote, produced and recorded the project’s early releases until the debut album, “Too Close To The Sea”, released in summer 2020.

The band have shaped their second full-length album “Reform”, produced in Brooklyn by Jared Artaud (of The Vacant Lots), during the global pandemic, developing their sound into a marriage of shoegaze and post-punk with noise pop inflexions, echoing bands such as The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cure, The Raveonettes & Joy Division, to “explore the process of untethering from the past to evolve and reform into a better version of one’s self.”

An interpretive video fuses seamlessly with the luminous songwriting and dark sonic juxtaposition into the bittersweet first new single “Sabre”.

Heavily saturated, nocturnal ambiences, ceaselessly lead by slow weighted muffled beats, enshrouded in unremitting droning curtains of glowing, forsaken synth swathes and penetrating blurry layers of reverb-drenched searing guitar distortion, reflect oppressive and quelling strains of achingly heart-wrenching intoxicating harmonies, swelling around pensive distressed vocals, exhaling dense numb breaths of haunted gloom into a ghostlike melancholy of broken dreams.

360-degree camera work blurs a meandering nightscape into an abstract, hypnotic journey of discovery. An unfocused lens deconstructs and warps night vision into dim nondescript distortions to depict a dizzying loop of repetitive tendencies in sync with the psychological lyrics. Stuck in the crippling realms of fear, anxiety, and obsession, a lost soul attempts to move out of past pain and doubt by focusing on the glimmers of hope and comfort shining through the darkness, “And times it’ll be ok.”

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photo by @danai__c