WL//WH Video of the Day : MISS RAYON “Domestic Gesture”

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In 2017, Portland, Oregon’s No-Wave/Indie Rock/ Post-Punk band Miss Rayon was created by Eric Sabatino (guitar/vocals/bass and drum machine) as a solo recording project. After early demo recordings, released last year as three song EP “Miss Rayon and Cloud Master” with a limited edition 7″ flexi disc, he quickly recruited band mates Jenny Logan (bass) and Hannah Blilie (drummer) to form a full fledged trio.

The three have a long history playing music in such bands as “The Gossip,” “Summer Cannibals,” “Vexations” and “Deathlist” to name a few. “Residing somewhere on the spectrum between New York no wave and UK post-punk, their sound is a squirrely and side winding thing. One can hear traces of Sonic Youth and Magazine in the band’s recordings, but there’s nothing nostalgic about Miss Rayon.”

10-track debut album “Eclipse” via XRAY Records has just been dropped paired with the visuals for the song “Domestic Gesture”.

“This is music for a dark future in which dreams break into real life and dance parties descend into madness.” 

Hard thumping drums begin becoming an underscore for the razor sharp guitar strums and bouncy poignant bass. Speaking, detached, confused, sarcastic male vocals in the same spirit as David Byrne of the Talking heads tell a tale of the boredom, repetition, and, the peculiarity of ordinary life. All three croon chants calmly mocking, almost angrily about a man who works with no fruits of his labor. An instrumental interlude of stinging, acute, and nimble guitar melodies, pronounced plucking rhythmic bass lines and tempo driven drum beats enhance the atmosphere of urgency, frustration, and disgust of trying to make your way and life and failing.

The accompanied video, directed by Costa Gountanis with camera and lighting by Kenneth Murray, shows Rex Marshall of Mattress playing an overconfident businessman sitting at an old table and chair in front of a fenced off demolished plot trying to sell it. When he realizes no one is even going to stop and talk to him he gets angry, mock hangs himself with his tie, destroys the table and walks away. During this hilarious parody the band plays expressionless as red and yellow lights with the camera lens blurring the band at times mirrors the lyrics, vocals and instruments perfectly.

A unique sound of intense playful organic instrumentation, sarcastically dramatic vocals, and unfortunately the “Road to Nowhere” many take.

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