WL//WH Track Of The Day: NAM’S “Vide D’Emotions”

Track Of The Day NAM’S  

Over the last year, Paris based DIY musician, under the NAM’S alias, is carving his own path of a cold, hazy and cinematic French-style Dark Wave sound, oozing with angst and melancholy through vintage analog instrumentation comprised of hard-hitting drum machines, emotionally-charged, gleaming synthesizers and downtrodden vocalizations.

Poetic lyrics dwell in a silent abyss of despair to introspect on a life void of feelings where death, if given as an acceptable option, would be embraced.

Thumping beats splash relentlessly cut by a murky and hypnotic throbbing bassline, whilst equally dramatic and forsaken, glaring, icy synths sparkle and flash hopelessly, like the solitary disjointed galaxies of an obscure tormented heart, to seep through misty forlorn echoes of heartfelt, wistful vocals wafting betwixt emotional moans and numb breathless sighs to fall hollow into a surreal tragedy of fear.

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