WL//WH Track Of The Day: MODERN APPROACH “Temples”

WL//WH Track Of The Day  Modern Approach

Hailing from Malang, Indonesia, Modern Approach is the fresh formed project of vocalist Maulana Akbar Yudistika and bassist Bayu Silalahi, following the demise of post-punk band Ultraviolence, soon after the release of their debut album ‘References’ in 2019.

The duo have just dropped their debut single, titled “Temples”, a synth-laden atmospheric and moody coldwave number, infiltrated by cold and unsettling strains.

Lyric-wise “Temples” tells about lightless days that fortuitously bring a man dressed in black, “over the frozen ocean”, to thrive in chaos and deception.

Clear and frosty washes of synth, soon stuck by constant punching snare beats, together with, deep yet resounding, bouncing pin-point bassline, making their way forth to drift across the bleak, dusty, murky desert of the human soul, punctuated by emotional-ridden reverbed glistening guitar melodies obsessively piercing over stoic, hollow, aloof vocals quietly ushering fear and impending doom in a hopelessly urgent sea of darkness.

A promising first step.

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