WL//WH Track Of The Day: OLMS “Burn”

Track Of The Day OLMS

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan electronic artist Dennis Hudson started to get noticed, since 2011, mainly under his OLMS moniker (but also White Christian Male, Polyvision and Eisenwelle) for a raw, cold yet melodic synth-driven sound atmospheres, ably channelling darkwave, synthpop, post-punk, techno, noise-pop, industrial and EBM elements, with a rare gift to balance anger, darkness and beauty.

For a combination of reasons that we can only guess, likely for its uncompromising character, the project, despite its superior quality, a bit like his fellow Dante Palomba (a.k.a. Casuistry, now half of post-punkers New Today), has remained confined to a cult object, without ever being able to become a full-time activity.
Luckily, in the breaks between work and family, Jeff still gives us real synth gems, like the brand new industrialized synthpop of a new single “Burn”, an off-kilter array of blistering yet catchy dark electronics and danceable rhythmic patterns.

Sonar beeps expand over relentless rumbling, hypnotic bass undulations, while distorted, vibrating and glowing synth abrasions quiver melodically infused by steady thumping drumbeats, as harsh, frustratedly strained vocals moan wearily echoing pain, regret, and suffering, stuck in a vicious cycle of torment, over the gritty reverb-drenched layer’s menacing undertow of undeniable deception, leaving the breathless frenzied strain, “We built it all night and we set it on fire again” emblazoned on the heart.

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