WL//WH Video Of The Day : GINEVRA “Dismay”

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TurinItaly, since I was young I’ve heard it defined as obscure, magical, occult, esoteric, vertice of the Black Magic triangle along London and San Francisco, surely once grey and industrial, with strong working-class roots but also bloody bourgeois, beautifully baroque, two world class football teams, especially the ‘granata one, but what matters to us most a strong and fervent independent musical underground scene since the early 80’s with incredible cult bands like Chromagain, Monuments, CarmodyTeknospray , Prostitutes just to name a few.

And in that creative heritage of dark sounds which fits the coldwave / darkwave duo Ginevra, on the brink to release, after a couple of EPs, their long-awaited debut album “Death By Strobe” via the new Turin-based Triple Void Records label.

The band has just preview the new addictive and powerful single “Dismay” propelled by heavy drum machine rhythms, pumping melodic bass lines, swaths of mesmerising and enveloping cold synth melodies and detached vocals, to build a thick haze of gloom and blackness.

The promotional video, made and directed by Turin’s videomaker Francesco Lurgo, also half of the indietronic duo FLeUR, is a nocturnal, dream-like, hypnotic journey of two young boys through the deserted and shadowy streets of an ideal metropolis, the neon lights, the crowded and noisy clubs, the  ‘threatening’ meetings and a surprise ending.

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