WL//WH Video Of The Day: ESCUELAS PÍAS “Metros Cuadrados”


Sevilla, Spain’s Synth Pop duo Cristian Bohórquez (ex-Sundae and current Blacanova member) and Davis Rodríguez (ex-Sundae), A.K.A. ESCUELAS PIAS drop a vintage video for the soul-stirring tune “Metros Cuadrados” (Square Meter) from their latest 4-track EP “Plantas Alucinógenas”, via Barcelona‘s independent label El Genio Equivocado, the fourth and last part in their ‘botanic’ tetralogy, made of “Plantas de exterior” (November 2020), “Plantas Carnívoras” (February 2021) and “Plantas venenosas” (May 2021), an exuberant and sonorous plant trip that will culminate, over the last months of the year, with the recording sessions for the band’s 3rd full-length album, that will include all unreleased songs.

Metros Cuadrados”  is laced with surreal lyrics that take the essence of someone transitioning from the corporeal realm into a ghostly body at a funeral while eerily observing and describing every “metros cuadrados” (square meter) of the physical surroundings.

Organic keyboard chords rise ceremoniously under brittle, bittersweet keys of vibrant melodies, whilst glistening guitar strings, low pulsing bass lines, and ruffled mid-tempo beats build a droning, nostalgic sway around the emotional melancholy of male vocals and light airy back-ups, drawing comfort from bright sparkling auras nesting within soft grey clouds of gloom.

Prelinger archival clip fuses a disjointed stream of consciousness rooted in fear, anxiety, and tragedy into a poignant backdrop for a sentimental track about alienation and disconnection. Dark daydreams follow an alternate timeline of a life-altering experience through a young boy’s near-death conflicts involving bullies in the schoolyard, an abusive father, and a momentary lapse in judgement to form an angsty journey of social warning with a silver lining.

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