WL//WH Video Of The Day: TOUCH BY TOUCH “Trash The Memory”

Video Of The Day  TOUCH BY TOUCH  

Viennese duo of FKV and FKG, Touch by Touch, deliver an ’80s tinged refined melange of Synthpop, Darkwave and Post-punk in their recent debut 2-track demo, “Touché”, from which the direly psychological song, “Trash The Memories”, even with its throbbing synthetic underbelly, represents the moodiest Post-Punk soul of the band’s ‘Mesmerizing Urban Power-Dirge’.

Introspective lyrics wander transfixed and spellbound through a parallel timeline, whilst earnestly trying to leave the past behind.

“Trash The Memories” channels bleak, emotionally foreboding moods through a poignant combination of unrelenting punchy snare beats, dim, ominous pulsing bass lines, icy quivering synth strains, and a cool piercing web of wistful twinkling guitar melodies to create an urgent sinister atmosphere around rapid, breathless vocals, dropping haunted angst, frustrated anger, and ghostly echoes into relentless buzzing chaos of claustrophobic change.

The symbolic video by Pexels compels hazy, gusting sand storms to surround a stark, dramatic hideaway with drifting emotions of isolation, denial, and doom. High-tech connections consume a shattered soul whose preoccupation with a lost love creates a detached reality of longing and waiting as existential danger lurks eerily outside. Calm sentimental reflections interspersed with helpless flashbacks, menacing shadows, and hidden symbols invoke an alternate dimension, from the fantasy and obsession of a broken heart, hoping to slow anxiety with a surreal flow of creative thought.