WL//WH Video Of The Day: CATASTROFE CLUB “El Crecimiento Infinito”


Catastrofe Club is the genre-defying music project, based in Roca Umbert Fábrica de les Arts (Granollers, Barcellona), created in 2012 by Josep M. Herrera (Voices, guitars and programming) and David Molina (Bass, keyboards and programming) on the verge of dropping their third full-length album “El crecimiento infinito” via Hidden Track Records DIY, that marks the end of a challenging self-reflective themed trilogy, teased by a wonderfully imaginative and evocative DIY video for the soul-stirring title track “El crecimiento infinito”.

The new album varies between Art-Pop, Industrial, Kraut-Rock, Post-Rock, Post-punk and post-‘all’ textures, to immerse the listeners in intimate atmospheres and even danceable rhythms, peppered with bitter and uncomfortable lyrics (closer to the spoken word than to the melody), to remind us that everything can explode at any moment, that we are miserable beings and that perhaps we shouldn’t even exist. 

Futile thoughts hang in an angsty fear of being left behind by a world in accelerated growth and motion.

Austere, melancholic textures slowly expand into eerie, still immersive frequencies igniting distant chilly dazzling synth stabs to pierce and shatter warm comforting swathes, swaying in helpless chiming tendencies over a low droning bass undertow pulled by shifting, anxiety-inducing drum beats, whilst magnetic, emotional vocals breath organic, pain-filled devastation into the stark yet tragic aesthetic of endless claustrophobic skies.

A brilliantly haunting interpretive video cast in evocative tones, expressions, and symbols moves in excruciating sync with the poignant soundtrack to elicit feelings of impending doom. High-definition auras alternate with blurry, lifeless introspections to manifest frozen lyrical thought form into a stunning visual overdrive. Lost dreams from a vintage, camera-strewn field surround a black-eyed soul whose fascination with self leads to an insatiable search through the looking glass of inverted desire.

Catastrofe Club‘s third full-length album “El crecimiento infinito” is slated for release on July 1, 2022 on Hidden Track Records DIY.

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Shot by Sergi Palau