WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE MURDER MYSTERY “A Girl Named Red”

Track Of The Day The Murder Mystery 

Around 4 years have passed since the sophomore album, “HNFS”, by the Norwegian ‘doomsday pop’ band from the small town of Hønefoss with Velvet Underground suggestions, albeit just under the name, The Murder Mystery, founded in 2005 by Bjørn-Erik Borg and Ole Andreas Hagen.

And the ‘murder’ is somehow present in the lyrics of the brand new single, “A Girl Named Red”, a song about a love affair gone awry at the hands of jealousy and murder.

The duo draw an elegant, vibrant and rich darkly melodic sound, blending reflective moody post-punk vibes laced with reverb-filled shoegazing shimmer, airy and cold dramatic synthetic pulsations and poignant new wave romanticism, to organically resonate with alluring forlorn croons, wrapped in a wistful and nostalgic hazy all-encompassing ambience that will never fade away.

Ominously echoing metallic low ends and slashing beats, laced with an organic snaky sulking bassline, unremittingly pounding and wobbling, stabbed by shivering lonesome swathes of bright synths and piercing obsessive guitar strains, that achingly swell and resound around haunted, melancholic vocals, drawing pain, fear, and guilt from a dire deceptive daydream, where desperate echoes and uncertain shadows condemn a lost soul to jealous murder.

The Murder Mystery‘s new single, “A Girl Named Red”, is out now digitally on Bandcamp and the major streaming platforms via Swedish/Norwegian indie label Hello Human Records, whilst a total remake of the old demo track “Amphetamine” will follow on June 10th.

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