WL//WH Video of the Day: THE MIDNIGHT COMPUTERS “Monologue”


“The Midnight Computers present its second opus: Romantic Disaster. Dark electronic adventures at the heart of human weaknesses, torn between love, hate and fears. Eight tracks to really feel the weight of forgiveness and self-surrender, introspective meditation and cathartic hallucination, stabbed with strobes. The ideal coldwave soundtrack to driving full speed into a concrete wall and come out unscathed.”

‘Born from the mind and guts of frontman Jonathann Cast, willing to show their love for the dark side of the 80s’,  together with  Theo (bass guitar) and Alex (drum machine), the French trio The Midnight Computers combines the churning angsty energy of Post-punk, the moody synths of New Wave, and the cold gloomy intensity of Darkwave with driving techno urge.

The band accompanied the fresh release of the sophomore 8-track LP “Romantic Disaster” via Manic Depression Records with a suggestive video for the haunting, propulsive Darkwave number “Monologue”

Chilly swirling dangerous moods engulf droning, punchy bassline throbs, unremitting ominous thumping beats, stabbed by stacking forlorn synth chords, whilst desperate, airless breathes from distorted baritone vocals release self-eviscerating lyrical “monologue” into claustrophobic darkness of self-imprisoned pain.

The dramatic video paints a harrowing portrait of a solo traveller whose latent intuition saves the day from a shadowy group of secret observers. Hazy dream-like visuals capture a horseback ride through disenchanted woods where three shadowy men emerge from a parallel timeline to invoke menace, danger, and impending doom. Alternate dimensions skew perception with strobing lights and cloaked identities to set the stage for a surprise dark encounter with destiny where stalkers turn to prey at the hands of magical shapeshifting powers.

The Midnight Computers‘ sophomore album, “Romantic Disaster”, is out now, on Vinyl/CD and Digital, via Manic Depression Records.

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