WL//WH Track Of The Day : MODERN HEAVEN ‘Permanent Vacation’

Track Of The Day

Just find this little gem from Australia digging on Soundcloud, quite mysterious, a further intriguing bonus as far as I’m concerned, just their name and the location on the social media page, Sarah and Jack from Melbourne. 

Modern Heaven are an electronic duo and ‘Permanent Vacation’ is their debut single through the Sidney label, and even a store recently, Burning Rose, an excellent independent imprint with an eclectic roster ranging between post-punk, dreampop and electronica, in particular some recent faves like Buzz Kull and Death Bells.

Modern Heaven debut effort is an impressive introduction, four sublime minutes of vibrant and touching atmospheric bliss, depicted by the sultry and earthy leading Sarah’s vocals that ebb and flow effortlessly on top, chased by breathtaking reverbed guitar leads, underpinned by pounding beats and mesmerizing soaring synth layers. There’s a sense of urgency and distress that is charmingly juxtaposed with strong quivering vocal that evokes haunted passion and restless romance whilst remaining poignant and heartfelt, crafting an immersive and disarming piece of sheer modern ‘soul music’.

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