WL//WH Video Of The Day : Savage Grounds “Let Your Love Groan”

Video Of The Day

New b&w flashing visuals for the title track from excellent limited 2-track 7″ single by the Zurich-based duo, comprised of dj/producer and co-owner of Lux Rec. Daniele Cosmo and his co-conspirator CCO [Contra Communem Opinionem] under the Savage Grounds moniker, released the past month on Marsman’s Pinkman/Broken Dreams.

“Let Your Love Groan” is a rugged, abrasive and sleazy minimalistic blend of EBM and dark electro-punk built on dirty acid synth drones, gloomy samples, viciously-distorted groovy beats, and repeated detached vocals “anger, cold sweat and sex” to conjure a constant and menacing sense of dread and tension exploring the darker corners of the dancefloor.

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