WL//WH Video Of The Day: M Λ N D I V U L Λ “GHSTNG”

Video Of The Day M Λ N D I V U L Λ

Spanish Darkwave project of Des Âmes Libres member Germán Sánchez, a.k.a. M Λ N D I V U L Λ release a paranormal video for the eerie electronic-charged and bass-driven dark post-punk instrumental “GHSTNG”, taken from the last end of December’s 5-track EP “False Gods.”

Swirling windy atmospherics ignite dangerous gurgling bass line menace, stirring crisp clashing beats of impending doom with jittery synth streaks’ anxious jolts amid sputtering industrial steam-powered congestion to twist electronic volts of tumultuous pain into an off-tempo balance layered in magnetic melodies seeping unseen mechanical might.

Stark black and white video flickers ominously under a current of distilled energy flowing down an institutional hallway forged in steel bars and closed doors, illuminating remnants of past residency with disturbing feelings of claustrophobia and paranoia. Ghostly footage captures quantic shadows brought forth from a hypnotic pulsing coil, exposing traces of time dimensions hovering perilously close in local proximity, to generate subconscious feelings of space infringement and haunted, lingering thoughts.

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pic. by Edu Couchez