WL//WH Video Premiere : MIRNY MINE “Dream”

Video Premiere Mirny Mine

Swedish photographer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer Anna Sundström, under the moniker of Mirny Mine, takes us on a cinematic journey into the darkest realms of dream-pop with Mirny Mines’s new video “Dream”, we are glad to premiere, taken from the upcoming long-awaited debut album “The Other Side” due out on November 16th, in a very limited edition of 125 numbered hand-made copies, via Novoton Records.

Anna‘s dark voice leads us through shoegazey bits where you hear both parts of sixties pop and new wave. Sometimes, you get a whiff of a more gothic Lana Del Ray just to be replaced by the spirit of English new wave queen Danielle Dax. But all with a distinctive own sound and expression.

The bleak, barren island of Anna‘s native Gotland and a keen sense of shadows, contrast, and angles foster the dualistic mood and setting shrouded in secrecy and gloom.

Ominous droning and repetitive synth tolls encapsulate a field strewn with a white substance. Dark hooded figures gather as foreboding, harrowing, spectral vocals permeate the scene. Light shadows rise from the ground creating an urgent, frightened, and decayed environment. Ritualistic hypnotic drum beats, metallic snares, and chants reveal the hidden secrets of the chess board. Banshee cries devastate the obsidian pawns attempt to remove the ivory life force. Overburdened, they collapse on the field becoming a part of the haunted grounds.

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Photo: Anna Sundström