WL//WH Video Of The Day: DIE NOIA FUTURISZKA “Horizonte De Un Salon”

Video Of The Day Die Noia Futuriszka 

Die Noia Futuriszka is the moniker of Buenos Aires-based musician Ferran Pont Vergés, founder member of Argentinian post-punk and shoegazer bands such as Rayos Catriel, FMH, Horacio, who has debuted, last end of August, with the 8-track album “Horizonte de un salón”, a riveting and immersive blend of retro and modern sonic suggestions, brimful with seamless echoes of shoegaze, krautrock, dream pop and a healthy dose of distortion, drawing vivid, intense, atmospheric soundscapes of pristine distinctive melancholic and nostalgic allure with an emotional melodic quality.
A music video for the thought-provoking title track “Horizonte de un Salon” has been released.

Buzzing, abrasive oscillations layer with low throbbing basslines and slow dragging beats, while fluttering guitar blooms flourish, pierce, and slightly bleed around distant, distorted male vocals, that float weightlessly in isolated awe under the dusty reverb-drenched dimensions.

Poetic lyrics align with the alchemically charged topic, using abstract symbolism and metaphor to explain planes of existence.

The DIY black and white visuals combine footage of an old abandoned and decaying house with majestic scenes from nature and static computer screen backdrops, to form a quantic shadow encapsulating the past, present, and future.  Flickering strobe effects pulse in sync with the hypnotic soundtrack, as overlays merge indoor/outdoor imagery, breathing life into translucent walls, ethereal spinning realms, and flecks of green and red UHF color bars to draw you into the mind-bending phenomenon of Quantum Mechanics.

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