WL//WH Premiere: CUERINA RAW DRY “Cancion Desarmada Que Enfrenta Un Fusil” [Sonidos Subterraneos]

WL//WH Premiere  V/A Estado De Golpe  Sonidos Subterraneos

No more war

No more abuse by the state

No more social leaders killed

We have already mentioned the increasing state crimes and institutional violence that are plaguing Colombia amidst the mounting popular protests and strikes, hidden by local and western media censorship. 

WL//WH is very pleased to premiere the Cuerina Raw Dry ‘s track “Cancion Desarmada Que Enfrenta Un Fusil”, taken from Various Artists “Estado De Golpe” via Medellín, Colombia based label Sonidos Subterraneos, a compilation that unites many artists from all over the world in an attempt to raise a voice of protest against police abuse toward the Colombian people. The money obtained will be invested in social work.

Cuerina Raw Dry is the dancefloor musical project of Uruguayan transgender producer Rodriga Fuertes, with industrial, techno and neo reggaeton sounds. Aesthetically glam, trashy and kitsch.

“Cancion Desarmada Que Enfrenta Un Fusil” (Unarmed Song Facing a Rifle), a track inspired by the lyrics from the 1971 militant anti-war song, “Solo digo compañeros”, by popular 60s/70s Uruguayan folk singer, guitarist, composer, and political activist Daniel Viglietti, weaves dirging undulating deep bass throbs lay treacherous footwork through mechanical marching beat’s toxic scatter of nefarious punchy rhythms, while restrained distorted vocals evoke political unrest and oppressed emotions through a warm somber sway of glowing synth swathes warped motion to ride the unbroken sonorous wave of heated passions.

Various Artists “Estado De Golpe” digital fundraising compilation is out now via Medellín, Colombia based label/podcast Sonidos Subterraneos Bandcamp.

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