WL//WH Video Of The Day: BALANS “Uganka (.Čunfa Remix)”

Video Of The Day  Balans

Perfecting their distinctive multifaceted experimental post-punk sound since 2013, Ljubljana-based Slovenian audio-visual art-punk band, Balans, created by Kristin Čona (vox, guitar) and Andrej Pervanje (vox, bass, drum machine), recently joined by drummer Jan Kmet, following last November’s release of their 10-track album, “Sam Provm”, via KAPA Records, with a gripping video, directed by Jan Kmet himself, for the Čunfa bass-ridden Remix of their soul-stirring track “Uganka / Puzzle”.

The remix by Koper-based electronic artist and part of Trite Collective, Čunfa [afnuch], switches planes of perception with a heavy electronic haze over Balans dark-ethereal vocalizations and adds a slower, dragging pace into the mix to drown the organic poignancy of the original track with a celestial shower of cosmic punk bliss.

Hard-hitting syncopated drum beats hypnotically clatter and fuse into the serpentine driving energy of digging bass lines, while rushes of humming swirling swathes of off-kilter synth frequencies dance around the ghostly atmospheric female vocals long drawn out breathes of witchy ceremonial hums to open inter-dimensional doorways of time with hip and intoxicating sonic realms.

Esoteric lyrics ponder the inability to know what forces lie in the hearts of others.

Supernatural video captures a karmic journey through an abandoned house, where ancient powers come into play. Time-lapse motion slows a troubled trio cloaked in red and black militant style, whose mission to carry out angry destruction leads through a troop of unseen entities. Aggressive disturbed energies flow from the curse of a broken mirror, summoning a fiery demon to attack the false perceptions and grandiose endeavours of demented minds, while blind eyes cast shadows of doubt upon the violent tendencies of an invisible force seeking payback for the intrusion.

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