WL//WH Track Of The Day: BLACK SUN DREAMER “Comfort”

Track Of The Day Black Sun Dreamer

Part of the last batch of three tapes from the ‘quality seal’ Berlin-based DIY label Detriti Records, the second album, entitled “Post​-​Traumatic Stress Disorder”, from the low profile Polish producer under his BlackSunDreamer moniker is definitely a must-listen for anyone into heady dark electronic music.

Early 80s flavoured shadowy, bass-driven, synth-heavy ‘new beat’ sound brimming with industrial vibes, and hints of trance and synth-pop, where its body-move inducing rhythmic qualities conjure with gloomy pop leanings create equally as mysterious and seductive, as they are obscure and futuristic mind-blowing soundscapes that fit perfectly both on and off the dance floor.

“Comfort” is propelled by stuttering thick punchy bass line interlacing with weighty kicks and lashing mechanical beats fuelled by sorrowful, and esoteric spoken words together with hypnotic, foreboding and sparsely epic layers of synth stabs infusing an impending sense of mystique and drama into an unremitting ecstatic and seductive dance you’d wish it lasts forever.

The limited Detriti Records‘ tape is already sold-out at source! in hoping for a re-press, check out the 11-track digital album available at BlackSunDreamer‘s Bandcamp. 

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