WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #14

Andrei Tarkovsky


  • Houston, TX ambient/shoegaze/dream pop solo project of half of Angel Aura, Wendolyne Barrios, aka Wendolyne “Heavenly, Celestial” debut single

Faithfully encapsulating its title, the solo debut of Wendolyne Barrios is a beguiling and enveloping misty web of interwoven crystalline sounds, interstellar echoes, and reverberations over ecstatic vocal harmonies suffused with infinite melancholy and sublime bliss that touch the “heart cords.”

  • San Francisco‘s DIY indie/power pop/jangle-pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc) and friends, The Reds, Pinks & Purples “Workers of the World” title track from new 3-track single

Merry melancholic moods of disharmony flow between carefree, nostalgic jangly guitar melodies mixed with soaring layer of celestial hum, whilst the overwhelmed, dauntedly pining croons dripping heartfelt irony. Glenn Donaldson always stirs emotions with refined grace and melodic ease.

  • Melbourne, Australia synth-pop/dream pop DIY one-girl-project of Nat Chippy, Japanese Heart Software “Drag” new single

Shimmering ethereal atmospheric expansion over hazy hypnotic longings, interwoven with heart skipping beats, subtly pierced in abrasive reverb daydream euphoria. Once again a precious layer of majestic dream pop from Nat Chippy.

  • Istanbul-based instrumental post-rock band Panøpsis “Yearn for the Day” new single
  • Los Angeles shoegaze/post-punk/dream-pop band SMALL PLANETS “Winter” from “E” EP
  • Preston, UK new wave/dream pop/noir pop duo White Flowers “Day By Day (extended edit)” off of the upcoming 2-track 12″ single on Tough Love
  • Tokyo, Japan electronic/post-rock/dream pop/shoegaze musician OTOM “24”
  • New York-based psychedelic duo Psychic Ills “Never Learn Not to Love” from the 2-track 7″ single “Never Learn Not to Love / Cease to Exist” on Sacred Bones.
  • Austin, TX psychedelic five-piece HOLY WAVE “Escapism” from upcoming LP “Interloper” on The Reverberation Appreciation Society                                                                                                                      
  • Manchester, UK based psychedelic dream-gaze band, Frankie Teardrop Dead “Love and Hate” new single
  • Long Beach, Ca DIY lo-fi/indie/art-punk/coldwave/post-punk/dream pop duo THE LICE “Invisible Skin” from the new cassette/vinyl LP “Hoarder House UFO”.
  • Sydney‘s psych/guitar-pop four-piece (members of Day Ravies, King Tears Mortuary and Point Being), Sachet “Arncliffe Babylon” new single from the forthcoming LP “Nets” on Tenth Court.
  • Sydney, Australia alt shoegazing/guitar rock guitarist/singer/songwriter Annie Hamilton “Panic” new single from upcoming debut EP
  • San Francisco‘s electronic synth-pop husband/wife duo NRVS LVRS “Far Away” new single from upcoming EP “Cult Lite”
  • Granada, Spain dream pop/shoegaze band LEBEND “Chasing Ghosts” new single.
  • Asheville, NC indie/shoegaze/dream pop duo DAY & DREAM “A Study in the Pixels of Your Face” new single
  • Melbourne, Australia indie jangle-pop 3-piece The Stroppies “Burning Bright” from upcoming vinyl LP + 7inch “Look Alive!” out 5th June 2020 via Tough Love
  • Cardiff, Wales dark psych 3-piece RED TELEPHONE “You’re Not Wrong” b-side of the new single “Suburb Machine”                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Brighton/Croydon, UK based indie-pop outfit of Shaun Charman on bass, guitar, drums, backing vocals (The Wedding Present/The Popguns/The Fireworks), and Beth Arzy (Trembling Blue Stars/Luxembourg Signal/The Fireworks) on lead vocals, Jetstream Pony “It’s Fine” from upcoming S/T album
  • London-based dreamy jangle indie guitar-pop band Swimming Tapes “Set The Fire – Demo” from “Souvenirs EP Demos” early demos in support to ‘Meals for the NHS’ charity
  • Sakhalin Oblast, Russia Shoegaze/Dream Pop band Sleep Overload “You Need To Wake Up!” second single
  • Denton, TX guitar rock/slowcore trio fronted by Dead Sullivan‘s Boone Patrello, CRISMAN “Portrait” off of the S/T debut album on Topshelf Records
  • Glasgow, UK indie/shoegaze DIY outfit THE AFFECTIONATE PUNCH “Across All Frequencies” from “Such Is Life / Across All Frequencies” double a-side single.
  • Danish indie guitar rock multi-instrumentalist Mikkel Holm-Silkjær (Yung, Brooch, Tears, Urban Achievers, and Happy Hookers for Jesus.), aka HOLM “Coins” from the new “Indifference” EP (profits to be donated to Tape, a non-profit venue in Aarhus) on Shorewood Records
  • Jakarta, Indonesia sadcore/slowcore band MIRRORLAKES “Faded Town” new single on Dismantledjkt
  • New York art-rock/avant pop four-piece featuring Travis Johnson and drummer Steve Levine, both from the band Grooms, bassist Zoë Browne from Field Mouse, and guitarist Jess Rees from Russian Baths, ACTIVITY “I Like The Boys” from the debut LP “Unmask Whoever” on Western Vinyl
  • Canadian and First Nations experimental folk/moccasin-gaze solo project of Daniel Monkman, aka ZOON “Help Me Understand” from Zoon’s new album “Bleached Wavves” out later this year on Paper Bag Records.   
  • Tel Aviv, Israel new wave/indie-electronic/dream pop trio SCREEN 4 EYES “Sometimes a Gate Is Opened” new single
  • Winnipeg, Canada Indie/Psych-Rock/Gaze 4-piece JUNIPER BUSH “Slowly” from the new album “Healing Through A Sonic Figure” via Transistor 66 Record Co.
  • Russian Shoegaze/Dream Pop 4-piece from Saint-Petersburg, LAVA LITE “So Sweet, So Cold” title track from the new EP
  • Hong Kong‘s synthpop/shoegaze/dream pop 5-piece THUD “North Acton” new single
  • New York-based Electro-Shoegaze trio THE FINAL SOUND “Shapes & Shadows (Live)” from “Alive – Otter House Studios Session” live from Otter House Studios NYC
  • Cambridge, UK based solo project of The Eden House‘s singer/songwriter Louise Patricia Crane ”Snake Oil” new single from the upcoming album “Deep Blue” featuring very special guests, Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) on flute, Jakko M Jakszyk (King Crimson) lead guitar, sitar guitar and backing vocals, Scott Reeder (Kyuss) on bass guitar.
  • Italian psych-gazers REV REV REV “Cyclopse (Xeresa remix)”                                                                                   
  • Los Angeles, Ca shoegaze/noise-rock/dream pop solo project of Ruben Vangare, aka The Lost & Found Workshop “Just What You Need” second single                                                                                     
  • Glasgow, UK indie/shoegaze DIY outfit THE AFFECTIONATE PUNCH “This Fragile Shell” from “This Fragile Shell / In Your Line of Fire” double a-side single
  • Leeds, UK early 90s Sarah Records affiliated indie/noise pop group BOYRACER “Normalcy” from the “All Day Long” EP
  • Los Angeles indie power-pop band THE BLACK WATCH “Brilliant failures” title track from the new LP through A Turntable Friend Records
  • Chinese indie/shoegaze outfit Yourboyfriendsucks! – 跑个步3000 3000-Mile Run – from – 第二集 Episode 02 by 你男友係碌葛 EP on Guangzhou’s Qiii Snacks Records
  • US 4-piece powerpop/punk outfit out of Los Angeles, CA. THE REFLECTORS “Champagne” from the album “First Impression” on Burger Records / Time For Action Records                                                                                
  • New York folk-rock/psych-pop trio WOODS “Where Do You Go When You Dream?” from the upcoming album “Strange To Explain” on Woodist
  • Columbus, OH indie-pop married duo The Halamays “7 Year Itch” new single
  • Paris/Jakarta lo-fi indie/dream pop young couple Nadine Hanisya and Ratta Bill, aka Tiny Studio – “NYC Car” from “City Rockdown” EP: Week II” via Kolibri Rekords
  • US retro indie-rock project from Los Angeles-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Phil Danyew, Elephant Castle “Cool To Be Unhappy” new single
  • Leeds, UK lo-fi bedroom pop band Eades “Mill” new NHS charity single                                                        

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