WL//WH Video of the Day: THE CEMETARY GIRLZ “The Wanderer”

Video Of The Day  The Cemetary Girlz

It’s been a while since the acclaimed 2013‘s second LP “Opus Vitae”, Paris gothic rock band The Cemetary Girlz, now split between France and Scotland, return as a trio, beside the founders Ravn (Alien), and Diva+re, the new member siouxside on bass, with a brand new single, “The Wanderer”, and a slightly more atmospheric yet powerful and haunting dark sound.

The Cemetary Girlz announced in an interview from last year, which you can read here, also the title of the forthcoming third album, called “L’envol du Corbeau  / Raven’s Flight”, pervaded with an “ambiance of winter forest, ravens and mist.”

“The Wanderer” is introduced by thunderous evocative string textures swept in steadily punchy drum beats, eerily sinister winding synth melodies, rumbling bassline menace, while excruciating intense guitar lines soar and bleed around dismal distressed layered vocals that echo, hum, and grind in pained suffering.

Harrowing lyrics desperate to escape fate’s wicked hands search for answers under the night skies, as “The moon is my light, And the woods are my soul, Lost in the darkness of my soul.”

“The Wanderer” walks the wastelands through fringe dimensions on a quest for knowledge and enlightenment, trying desperately to free himself from the psychological bonds of dementia. Alternating scenes cut between a seemingly unattainable light at the end of a tunnel, foggy woods cast in shadows of doubt, spinning treetops, and time-lapsed footprints and the post-apocalyptical realms wherein lies billowing plumes of ash and a sea of fire rich in ancient wisdom, ritual lore, and secret symbolism.

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