WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – August # 31-21

  • | Sonidos Subterraneos podcast | Episode 090 | Ex.Hale                                                                                     

Up and coming Italian dark experimentalist from Milan, Ex.Hale, delivers, courtesy of Medellin‘s Sonidos Subterraneos label, almost an hour-long gripping and blistering onslaught of raw, hypnotic, and uncompromising ‘Twisted Live Electronics’, made of heavy hard-hitting techno and industrial rhythmic noise. Enjoy!

  • Leeds, UK based breaks /electro-funk DJ-producer from North Wales, The Droid – “Imitate” from his self-released EP “Hardware Experiments”.

Leeds based producer ventures his distinctive dystopian futuristic electro-funk into the realm of hardware synthesizers. Warped and humming oscillating low ends and syncopated punchy snare hits throb ominously along with bright and flickering synth stabs and droning reverb, to evolve into a perfectly balanced cacophony of intense disturbing energy and hallucinated dreamscapes.

  • Colombian EBM /synth wave /techno /electroclash electronic musician, music producer and DJ from Medellin, Stalker Ego – “Mal De Ojo (Ravetop Remix)” from “Mal De Ojo” album on Pildoras Tapes

New EP from selector, collector, digger of the underground and producer from Medellin, Stalker Ego, leaning heavily on a dark, gritty and dancing combination of synthwave and electro-clash, swathed in EBM and industrial grime with a dystopic edge, sure to dance your night away or cool down your home listen.

  • French experimental /breakbeat /drum&bass /electronic production duo A Strange Wedding & Jan Loup, aka K I A – “Slavery of Mortality” off upcoming V/A “Premier Rayon” [Soleil Rouge]                                                   

French collective Soleil Rouge inaugural ‘Premier Rayon’ compilation is previewed by fellow experimental electronic duo A Strange Wedding & Jan Loup with at the same time arcane and futuristic, breakneck concoction of frantic rippling wavelength tones, flickering droning bass distortion, sharp swishing oscillating frequencies and magnetic female spoken words, amid syncopated tight fractured breakbeats and hypnotically resounding crispy percussive patterns, making for an uncannily entrancing and mind-bending, sultry ride.

  • Canadian experimental /ethereal /minimal /electronic solo project from Fredericton, DenMother “New Brunswick” from upcoming “Slightly Drones” EP
  • Los Angeles-based experimental /ambient /drone /electronic vocalist & field recordist, Megan Mitchell aka CRUEL DIAGONALS “Fluvial” from the album “A Dormant Vigor”
  • Antwerp, Belgium ambient ethnic dub drone experimental electronic producer BedouinDrone – “Ribāṭ” from “Kasba” EP
  • Manchester, UK drone /ambient /experimental /post-industrial /electronic musician and producer Bryn Jones, aka Muslimgauze “1Kaliskinazure” from forthcoming “Kaliskinazure tape 5” cassette on Staalplaat
  • Swedish solo industrial/dark ambient project of Peter Andersson alias Lina Der Baby Doll General (ex-Njurmännen), Deutsch Nepal “Oscillations” from “Dystopian Partycollection III” compilation of orphan tracks, re-recordings, alternative versions and remixes.
  • Greek industrial /dark electronic /techno artist Boris Barksdale “Mindset B3″ from V/A “Materialisation of the Intangible” compilation LP on Natural Sciences
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands ambient /IDM /acid /techno /electro producer STEIFL – “Untitled” from V/A – “Insidia” compilation album on brokntoys
  • Wisconsin based EBM /industrial /synthpop /techno /electro project of Matt Fanale (aka Caustic, half of Klack), aka daddybear “Science Fiction (feat. grabyourface)” from “Science Fiction” EP                                                   
  • Hamburg, Germany new wave /synth /new beat /electro duo Levente Pavelka & Johannes Haas (L.F.T.), Schulverweis – “Blut” from the Split 10″ EP “KRUMM” with Taurus a co-release by Amsterdam’s Osàre! Editions and Berlin’s Sameheads
  • London-bred/Berlin-based industrial techno /punk /metal /noise /EBM producer and a half of Raum-Zeit project, Toni Quiroga, aka DONNA HARINGWEY “Cybersadism” off upcoming debut album “Thanks for telling me who I really am”
  • Tbilisi, Georgia heavy industrial techno producer Giorgi Kolbaia, aka DOWNWELL – “Designing Resilience” from upcoming V/A “Deviate VA003″ EP 12″ on DEVIATE rec
  • Derry-based industrial/post-punk /acid /dark experimental electronic/EBM project of Christian Donaghy, Autumns “All Nothing” from “Inherent Design” album
  • Stockholm based Polish minimal electronic /EBM solo project La Santé “a ja” from “Archanioły” EP
  • Thessaloniki‘s Damcase – “Inkl Rules (Container Remix)” [PEVA02] 4th of August 2021, marks 3 years from the loss of great electronic music artist Dimitris Damaskos, his last track taken from the “Variable” compilation on Pi Electronics                                                                                                                                               
  • Berlin-based Italo /new beat /EBM /dark wave /electronic producer Johannes Stabel (aka XTR HUMAN), aka Nullstrahler “Widersacher (Disco Morato Italo Tool)” from “Widersacher (Remixes)” EP on Mosaique Records
  • Russian EBM /breakbeat /electro /techno /electronic producer (Wolfstream, Otchim, Seven Knives), Anton Berezin “Doomsday March” from the upcoming “Sewer Blues” album on SOIL
  • Copenhagen Industrial /Electro /Techno producer Peachlyfe “Creeper” from upcoming “Swamplyfe” EP on Lobster Theremin
  • Spanish indie/Italo /wave /disco producer Silicodisco “Spirit Paradiso (Diaz Tech Remix)” from the EP “No Body” on Oberwave Records
  • Berlin-based new wave /synthpop artist E.S.O “Red Curtain (Amarcord Remix)” from upcoming “Versions” EP on Public Relations Records                                                                                                                                               
  • Stockholm based acid /rave /techno producer Mårten ‘Mindbender’ Attling, aka Mindbender Feat. Random Loop Generator – “One Night (Rough Mix)” from “Darkest days” EP [When Disco Goes Wrong]                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Mexico based eclectic electronic musician /producer /remixer /Dj from Argentina, Thomass Jackson “Space 4 – Belgium Edit” off “Alien Edits VOL I”
  • Pet Shop Boys – “It’s A Sin (INFRAVISION Remix)” Italo Body Music remix by Kendal & Pablo Bozzi aka INFRAVISION
  • Guadalajara, Mexico indie dance /psych /disco / electronic production duo, Fargo Devianti & Vongold – “Rebecca (Original Mix)” off “Storm In A Teacup” EP ​on Rotten City Records                                                        
  • Guatemala city dark disco /body music /new beat /electro multi-instrumentalist producer Javier Celis, aka Mverto Futura – “Kerial Siller” off “Kerial Siller” EP on Bonkers
  • Valencian dark disco /electronic producer Mundo D “Digitor (Original Mix)” from “Tone Charge” EP on Side UP Works
  • Guadeloupe-born French indie dance /electronic DJ and Producer Mala Ika – “Storniert Und Ersetzt (Lauer Remix)” from the upcoming EP on her label Weirdos Records                                                                 
  • Ukrainian electro /techno /dark disco producer Vlad Yaki – “Tensor (Mattia Pompeo Remix)” from upcoming “Physics” EP [SINCOPAT]
  • Bristol, UK-based ambient /techno /electronic composer and audio-visual artist Surgeons Girl “Dark Moss Night Terror (Curses remix)” from “The Empress Moss” EP [Inside Out Rec]
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands minimal electro producer RUGON “Lyro30 – RL567″                                                     
  • Jerusalem, Israel acid /tribal /electro /dungeon techno producer (one half of Group Modular), MUTE DRIVER “Tunnels” from cassette EP “Blood Flowers” on Confused Machines
  • London based acid/breakbeat /techno /electro producer L/F/D/M “Notes From The Past” from upcoming cassette “Intentional Musix” on Dead Channel Records
  • Russian experimental /breakbeat /industrial /techno /electronic producer Dead Yucca – “Rid” from the album”Washroom”
  • Barcelona-based Ukrainian cold synth electronic music artist, singer, songwriter, JULIA BONDAR “Enchanted (Pledov remix)” from the EP “Enchanted (remixes)”
  • Belgrade, Serbia cosmic /trance /disco /techno /electronic production duo Cosmic G & Laars – “Trancia” off V/A “Reflection Lines” compilation on Snippets Music
  • Italian cosmic disco /electro-disco /electronic Florence Renaissance producer TULIOXI “Video Self-Delight (Original Mix)” from “Video Self-Delight” EP [HEAR0048] on HEARec
  • Lithuanian breakbeat /downtempo /leftfield /psych /cosmic /electronic project by Adventure Society & Jokios Kultūros, aka FAR EAST FLIGHT “Far East Flight” title track from the upcoming EP “Far East Flight” [Electric Shapes]
  • French ambient /dub / deep techno /electronic artist KNAY “Adaptive Components (Labyrinthine remix)” from “A Window To The Mountains” EP [CRSCNT04] on Crescent London
  • British drum&bass /Braindance /experimental /IDM /electronic producer Patrick Tipler, aka DELAY GROUNDS “Are We There Yet?” from the upcoming EP “Genus” on Lapsus Records
  • Chinese experimental /ambient /psych /post-rock /minimal rock group from Wuhan, Hualun(花伦)“Be a Happy Man” from the “Scene IV” EP on KATUKTU COLLECTIVE
  • Edinburgh, UK ambient /drone /noise project Fordell Research Unit “Barbara Judd” from “ThreeQ” EP
  • Reykjavík-based experimental /ambient /soundscapes /modern classical composer Mikael Lind “Spheres” from the album “Geographies” on DRONARIVM
  • London, UK ambient /acoustic /synth /guitar duo Celestial “The Perfumed Garden” from the album “I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night” on ECSTATIC
  • San Francisco, Ca ambient /experimental /drone /IDM /electronic musical/visual project of Emmett Feldman, aka Suryummy “Nudibranch BoogieDance” from the album “Polynators” on Constellation Tatsu
  • US/Sweden ambient / neo-classical / electro-acoustic project of Aaron Martin & Dag Rosenqvist, aka From the Mouth of the Sun “For a Moment We Were Weightless” from the upcoming 4th album “Light Caught The Edges” on Lost Tribe Sound
  • Cold Ash, UK ambient /minimal /dreampop singer-songwriter Dear Laika “Phlebotomy” (Single) on Memorials of Distinction (UK) & NNA Tapes (US & ROW)