WL//WH NEW MUSIC: Swedish Indie Rockers TINY FIGHTER fly high with debut album “Going Home”

New Music Tiny Fighter

photo by Marcos Engman

Tiny Fighter is a Sweden-based indie rock band. Being active since 2018 with a string of maxis and one live EP (Loft Sessions-Live in New York), the band was like secretly keeping their striking talent in creating modern and glorious indie rock tunes until 2018! That year they released another single which gained some pretty nice reviews from the dedicated media,  all true and honest! The little record (with 3 songs in all) ‘Tell Me’ was like shouting “we’ll be back soon to take you to great heights again”. The hawks from the North returned on April 3, 2020, with their debut full album ‘Going Home’ via Bay Terrace Records, and it is a record of some really great indie chills!

Based in Stockholm, Tiny Fighter was formed after a chance meeting between Therese Karlsson (a truck driver from Kalmar, Sweden) and Tim Spelman (a doctor from Melbourne, Australia). The two met in Stockholm in 2017 and began collaborating, offering an enticing mix of indie-rock and berserker chamber pop. For their debut ‘Going Home’ LP, Tiny Fighter recorded for over 12 months in both Stockholm and at The Panic Room in Skövde, Sweden. A very cool album with excellent production in the studio, indeed a perfection in all!!!

The latest single and most recent official video from the album is ‘Devotion’, what an indie-groove!!!

Tiny Fighter have grown from an artsy studio project to a live entity selling out tours and filling larger music venues, quickly building a strong reputation for their stirring live performances and ability to tastefully mix catchy indie-rock with darker themes and arrangements. Earlier in January 2020, they were unveiling the first official video for the lead single ‘Strangest Thing’.

I tell ya, the whole album is a collection of 11 potential leading tracks, maxi-singles. Everything in here is like a fresh breeze from the North, so much groovy and with a pretty positive vide all over. What you’ll hear in this album is ‘indies’ in very compact arrangements by an outfit with original talent running all over. And maybe, this is one of the most suitable albums to listen to in our days in quarantine. Here it is!!!

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Written by Loud Cities Mike