WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #9


  • Suburban Mix 167 – Fiume                                                                                                                                       
Set of the week comes from Croatia‘s Jasmin M (aka Le Chocolat Noir/LCN, Honored Matres) under his Futurist dark minimal electronic FIUME moniker. Expect best bits of Body Music, Industrial, Electro, Synthpop, Minimal Synth and Post-Punk and Techno with his usual artistic prowess. 
  • San Francisco‘s experimental/industrial/noise/dark ambient Afghan-American DJ/Producer SKANDER “Concorso” from V/A “Never a Land Without People vol. II” a charity compilation for Palestine and it’s people via Never A Land Without People

Important and brave fundraising compilation for the Palestinian people featuring a sampler of the international electronic community.

  • German-born Russian acid/house/techno/electronic producer Dimitri Veimar “Facer” off of the EP “In White”

Russian producer Dimitri Veimar in a less atmospheric and more energetic version than usual with the lead track from his new self released EP, that keeps the intensity high and the groove bouncing through hypnotic bass, tight beats, eerie synth and bubbling acid, flavoured by Slavic vocal inserts.

  • Polish industrial/post-EBM/coldwave/electronic project (aka Black Sun Dreamer), aka TRAUMA PHASE “Apathy” from the debut cassette album “The Origin Of Social Disabilities” via Detriti Records

One of the last tris of electronic-laden releases from the excellent Detriti Label is the dark EBM/new Beat driven project, under the alias Trauma Phase, of Polish synth wizard, known as Black Sun Dreamer, with a dark industrial-infused electro mesh of cold and obscure atmospheres and mechanical, and hypnotic rhythms that absolutely worth your close attention.

  • Italian experimental/industrial/socio-political electronic project Radio Busto Arsizio “1968” from the upcoming cassette album “1945-2020” on Raw Culture
  • New Zealand hardware techno/dark ambient act Body – ”Breaks for Bushfire Relief Remix” off of “Breaks for bushfire relief” [Synthetic Children and Tākaro Techno Club team up to produce some breakbeat remixes of Synthetic Children tracks, to raise funds for bushfire relief in Australia, through the Indigenous Crisis Response and Recovery organisation]
  • Berlin-based ambient/chillout/soundtrack/synth/electronic artist Romain Frequency “Transient Red” from the debut album “Research On A Nameless Colour” on Rock Machine Records
  • Oakland-based synth electronic solo project of one half of Max and Mara, Mara Barenbaum aka Group Rhoda “Mute” from V/A “Kollektion 7” on Katabatik
  • Québecois veteran industrial/electronic artist Vromb “Pliage Spirale” from the upcoming “Origami” EP on Montreal’s Chambre Noire
  • Experimental/dab/industrial/ambient DJ/Composer currently based in Tokyo, Mars89 “GoodThing” from the new EP “2020” on Natural Sciences
  • Orlando, FL post-punk/synth-pop/EBM/dark electronics solo project  MOTHER JUNO “Devotion” from the 6-track cassette EP “Conflict Within” on Detriti
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental/electro/EBM/techno/dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER “Spiral People” from V/A “20/20 TIGER V.I.0” forthcoming on Clan Destine Records           
  • German industrial dark electronic/EBM producer Hendrick Grothe from Leipzig, Blac Kolor “Viper” from “Extinction” EP on aufnahme+wiedergabe                                                                                                              
  • London, UK industrial techno/drum & bass project Militiā “Blood Pressure” from the EP “Blood Over Water” on SXCALA
  • San Francisco‘s experimental/industrial/noise/dark ambient/hardcore AfghanAmerican DJ/Producer SKANDER “Terror” from the album “Hell Dog”
  • UK based electro/rave/industrial/post-punk project of French musician, DJ and producer Jerome Tcherneyan and Czech performance artist and DJ, Barkosina Hanusova, aka Years Of Denial – “Human You Scare Me (Silent Servant Remix)” from the upcoming 12″ EP “Suicide Disco Remixes” on VEYL
  • Canadian dark electronics/techno/industrial/EBM duo of Emad Dabiri (SΛRIN) & Matthew Cangiano (Vierance) aka Human Performance Lab ‘Beware The Beast’ from the new “Impact Situation” EP 12″ out now [a+w XXIV]
  • Italian industrial/EBM/techno producer NGHTLY “Teatro Del Fuoco” from upcoming 6-track cassette “Pensieri di Sangue” on Detriti
  • Germany-based Greek dark electronic techno producer Miltiadis Merentitis, (aka Miltiades) aka OUTERMOST “Colours Fade” from V/A “PH17” split tape on MMODEMM
  • Italian lo-fi/ industrial/dark techno producer, Religius Order ‘(Danza Rituale) طقوس الرقص’                                    
  • Chris & Cosey – ‘Love Cuts (Alessandro Adriani Edit)’                                                                                               
  • Barcelona-based Ukrainian cold synth electronic producer (one half of BLCK NOIR), JULIA BONDAR “Black T-Shirt” from “I Want Forbidden” EP
  • Russian ambient/electronic producer Ваня Лимб / Vanya Limb – “The Guardian” from V/A “WHAT NEVER WAS Vol. II” on LXVIII label
  • Berlin‘s garage punks BALAGAN “Moonlight (Simple Symmetry Remix)” from the sampler EP “Garzen Remixes” on Garzen Records
  • German letfield/psych/minimal wave/synth/electronic producer (also part of Init and Dolphins), Nadia D’Alò – “Ten-High Straight” from V/A “Fragments” on Hivern Discs
  • Barcelona-based IDM/techno/electro Spanish DJ and producer Annie Hall “D’un Altre Planeta” from upcoming EP “Fum” on Central Processing Unit                                                                                                     
  • US electro producer Chris Roman (aka J. Alvarez), 214 “It Never Really Ends” from “Si View” EP on Cultivated Electronics.                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Berlin/Detroit/Paris electro multimedia act Fotoapparat “Respekt” title track from the 4th EP on Bones Hear Nothing
  • Belgium’s dark techno producer Peter Adriaenssens AKA 6SISS “No Go” from the new EP “RRNDD” on UX(JoeFarr
  • Medellín, Colombia breakbeat/techno/ambient producer Merino – “Golden Rule (Lazarus Remix)” from upcoming V/A “Sentiment Series Vol. 3” compilation on Munich’s Shaw Cuts
  • Italian born, new media artist, audio-visual director and experimental electronic producer based in London, Matteo Zamagni, aka Seven Orbits “Mantis” from forthcoming “EP0001” EP on Shanghai’s SVBKVLT

  • Parisian-based acid electro/breakbeat/bass/techno live 6-piece Vernacular Orchestra “Canyon 211” EP on Vernacular Records
  • Tel Aviv-based Hebrew Psych/Electronic Ironic project duo Megaphonim – “Yoga For Beginners (Red Axes Remix)” off of new album “Sofer Stam” via Unterman                                                                                                       
  • Russian nu-disco/ethnic/tribal/electronic project of brothers Andrey and Stas from St. Petersburg, Radial Gaze “Obscure Rattling Potion” title track from the new EP on Vienna’s Belly Dance Services                               
  • Mexican dark disco/electronic producer and Duro label co-founder Mateo González (aka Bufi, and Sonido Fantasma), Theus Mago “Carrier People (Curses Remix)” off of “Carrier People” EP on Feines Tier
  • France-based Mexican-born electronic dark disco Dj/producer (aka Osna), aka LEONOR “Agua Y Fuego” from V/A “Ombra INTL 013″ 12” EP via Berlin’s Ombra International
  • Berlin-based electronic/NDW/kraut/electro-disco futurist producer duo Marabou & Planet Zwo – “Kunst In Frage” off “Bitterkalt” EP on SCHROTT REC.
  • UK/US retro/darkwave/synthwave/dark synth duo ALEX & TOKYO ROSE – “Mean Streets (Power Glove Remix)” off of “Akuma II (The Remixes)” album on NewRetroWave Records
  • Bordeaux-based ambient/electro-acoustic artist Franck Zaragoza, aka Ocoeur “Glow “from the vinyl 6th album “Everything” on n5MD
  • Manchester, UK ambient/electronic producer SANGAM “Emotional Port” from the cassette album “Behind The Picture” via Manchester’s Pure Life
  • Amsterdam‘s experimental/ambient/neo-classical duo Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft “Knife” the lead single from their forthcoming album, “A Heart So White” on Melody As Truth
  • European Ritual/Drone/Ambient/Industrial collective, Nam-Khar “aDre” from the upcoming album “Sur Chöd” on Winter-Light label