WL//WH Track Of The Day: SAD MADONA “Craving”

Track Of The Day SAD MADONA  

While we do everything possible to avoid re-proposing the same bands over and over, what better occasion than to highlight the limited Vinyl 12″ release of a retrospective collection, including, I guess, all the artist’s tracks so far, naturally entitled “Dramatic Dance” via the Spanish independent label Oráculo Records, and to delve into the latest single, “Craving”, from the Synth-laden Darkwave project of Parisian songwriter and composer Remi Lauvergne, under the alias of Sad Madona.

Dramatic lyrics ride the roller coaster of emotions found in romantic love, with Sad Madona consistently able to strike a compelling balance between the cold and aseptic nature of the machines with the warmth of the inner turmoils within the human passions and emotions, whilst the pensive and brooding vocal delivery is increasingly pervaded by a profoundly intimate dimension, resembling, maybe due to the use of the French language, the equally haunting and romantic, alluring shades of the timeless Francophone Chansonnier heritage.

“Craving” falters and agonizes through an endlessly hypnotic and syncopated mechanical rhythmic pattern interlaced with doomy heart-skipping low ends, while ceremonial weeping synths float resonant in the air, punctuated by compulsively pulsing painful organic basslines, to swirl with hopelessly growing stirring intensity, echoing desperate aching vocals, shifting between loss and anger, to twist reality into tense, dueling obsessions.

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