WL//WH Track Of The Day: ГОРЕМЫ́КА (Goremyka) “БЕСЫ (Demons)”

Track Of The Day ГОРЕМЫ́КА (Goremyka)

From the band’s name “ГОРЕМЫ́КА” (“wretched” or “miserable”), as well as from the title of the new debut EP “страшные звуки на русском” (“Scary sounds in Russian”), one can deduce what embodies the grim yet alluring post-punk sound of Smolensk based duo.

Four feverish and off-kilter raw lo-fi cuts, not immediately catchy, yet urgent and eerily addictive, that wiggle, scrape and crawl in the thick looming darkness propelled by monotonous and aimless drum machines, achingly lamenting guitars weaving obscure and threatening plots, underlined by a bass that twists and growls ominously, to flay the shadow of desperate soulless voices reciting obsessive lyrics steeped in shades of vintage Russian depression and Slavic nightmares.

Our favourite, along with the title-track, “БЕСЫ (Demons)” unleashes repetitive, restless four-on-the-floor rhythmic patterns, interspersed by sparse distant crashes, pierced by searing guitar melodies, that writhe and squirm with sorely reverberated gritty intensity into a bottomless hallucinated abyss of penetrating and whining layers of excruciating dread, amidst foundational menacing, jolting bass oscillations over distorted, hopeless male vocals quivering fearfully in response to cold, emotionless rumblings, to form a bone-chilling unnerving depiction of the pain involved in a verbal power struggle.

Don’t forget to check for the precious YouTube Channel from the amazing The Eastern European Synth & Post-Punk Community Facebook page to keep informed about daily news. True passion there…

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