WL//WH Video Premiere: LAND OF OOO “Waiting for the Whales”

Video Premiere Land Of Ooo

WL//WH is pleased to premier the DIY Video Clip for the Austrian 3-piece Land of Ooo‘s song “Waiting for the Whales” taken from the 4-track EP “Wry Cry”, released last June through Vienna‘s independent label Numavi Records.

Hailing from Graz, Land of Ooo was founded in Summer 2018 by Nora Köhler, Leonie Bramberger and Julian Werl.  After three months of intensive musical rehearsals and self-discovery, concerts with renowned acts such as Adult Mom, Muncie Girls and Trucks soon followed. In February 2019 the motivated trio toured the Czech Republic and Germany.

The band’s debut full-length album will be released sometime in 2020 via Numavi Records.

Land of Ooo plays a fervent edgy yet melodic guitar-driven indie rock with nods to the noise-pop of the 90s, delving between dreamy melancholic soundscapes of noisy textures and catchy yet razor-sharp outbursts of fuzzy distortion over soothing female vocals in a striking balance between soft and loud dynamics.

Introduced by ominous droning atmospherics, “Waiting for the Whales” chugs along with its fizzing and piercing guitar strums, deep rubbery bassline, nimble rhythms, sun-drenched deadpan female vocals and jaunty chorus, interspersed with delightfully abrasive rough-edge Pixies-like 6-string hooks, conjuring up moody emotional intensity, raw vigorous frenzy, and infectious pop.

The visuals, that mirrored the lyrics, are a metaphor about getting out of depression. A girl ‘scared up by the unknown, leaving apathy, escaping forward’ has a long way to go to reach the sea, but ‘turning back seems no longer possible’. She has to continue, faster, without hesitation, ‘to the point of exhaustion’, ‘merging with the outside and vanishing’, finally engulfed in the deep water, hearing only the sound of her own breath, ‘far away from everything’ dreaming and ‘Waiting for the Whales’.

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