WL//WH Video Of The Day: RECIPE MORADO “Pasado Pisada | I Walked Past”


Paranormal Post-Punk act Recipe Morado gets its name from a psychiatric medical prescription that is required in Caracas, Venezuela to buy psychotropic drugs for mental illness. Through their music they transform the misreported perception of our sick world into distorted vocals, buzzing guitars, penetrating bass, and driving keyboards.

A symbolic video, directed by Gian Carlos Cacurri, for the evocative track “Pasado Pisado |I Walked Past”, taken from the band’s first official album “Rehabilitación | Rehabilitation” via Peruvian label Tumbas Eternas Records, explores the involuntary imprisonment of the human mind.

An intoxicating composition smashes depressed piano keys into flat tremors of Disturbia to ignite mesmeric keyboard stabs, magnetic hissing backbeats, and icy anxious synth tones to blur time and space around minimal piercing reverb-stung guitar strings and an entrancing low breathless ritual chant to evoke primal fear and subconscious desire before a glitchy, shape-shifting interlude of warped interdimensional extractions.

Poetic lyrics blend metaphors of striking contrasts with arcane imagery, destructive racing thoughts, and disconnected realities to form a suspended moment in life.

An otherworldly exploration leads through a maze of unlit caves, an enchanted forest, and an alien spacecraft to travel a long dark path to the hidden chains that bind. Skewed camera angles, time-lapse zoom lens, and creative set designs open inner doorways of the intellect with bewitching expansions. Surreal transition scenes dive into hypnotic episodes of self-discovery using sentient handprint recognition, trace overlays, and a mask of shame to dim the sought after light at the end of the tunnel with shadows and dread.

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