WL//WH Video of the Day: TAPENIGHT “На дне / At the bottom”

Video Of The Day Tapenight

St. Petersburg based Russian genre-defying post-pop project Tapenight, comprised of Dimka Batarin and Andre Manolli, who create “compositions in which life stories are encrypted. Maybe they have already occurred, occur or will occur, and probably remain unclear foreboding”, is fresh from releasing a brilliant first 3-track EP “НА ДНЕ”, including one of our fave pop songs from the last weeks, titled “Cigarettes Of Love”,  highlighted recently as, ‘lush, refined, and wondrous ‘post-pop’ gem’, in the weekly playlist.

The duo shared also the music video, written and directed by Annie Yash, for the emotional title track На дне“, that combines unique perspectives with thought-provoking visuals to bring a cohesive flow within the sound and imagery, taking you to a distant place only dreams are made of.

Cold, expanding auras swept in far away synth flutter, steady churning off beat skips down deep reverb-laden bass line treachery, and introspective sparkling guitar melodies lingering, amid chanting, hypnotic vocals that echo and fade distorted whispers into the lurking moods of danger and melancholic fear.

Introspective lyrics unravel a tormentous oppression at the hands of an unknown villain and the obsessive grasp for hope found only in dreams.

A surreal landscape cast in awkward camera angles, off-scale miniatures, and zoom lens photography paints an intimate portrait of life’s harsh realities and shattered dreams, while hazy transitions blend with backward motion, and Martian skies to perform a dizzying interplay with time and dimension. Inside a wall poster lies a vast industrialized cityscape slowly rising against a bleak horizon, as two distant travellers sway weightless in a skewed dystopian dream.

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