WL//WH Track Of The Day : DRAMA “One Lonely Night”

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We previously talked about the fervent and creative underground music scene of Melbourne, Australia and its distinctive dark spleen.
Right from the Victoria capital comes the multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter Cailan Smith, fresh from a folk album as Wildcraft, on the verge of releasing his debut full-length under his new wave/post-punk moniker DRAMA, entitled ‘R|E|D|E|FI|N|I|T|I|O|N’, due in February of next year, on cassette and digital, the fruit, labors, and catharsis of hardships endured over the past year.
First single “One Lonely Night” is composed of deep doomful pulsing bass lines, backed by metronomic, punchy drum beats, and wistful hypnotic tangles of guitar melodies emerging out of a dense bed of droning synth chords in a relentless slow pace of hopelessness and desperation, hightened by gloomy fluttering arpeggios and searing yet restrained guitar howls, imbued by a painful and dismayed baritone lament of profound deception over a romantic encounter turned into “one lonely night”.
Even though the clear 80’s British post-punk, new wave suggestions, “One Lonely Night” is a promising, intense and moving debut highlighted by Cailan’s deep dark, and superbly executed voice permeated with profound heartfelt sadness.
Enjoy the ‘fan video’ by PiperWave
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