WL//WH Video Of The Day: TOMORROW SYNDICATE “Populous”

Video Of The Day Tomorrow Syndicate

With a brand new Limited 7″ vinyl one-track 45 (Only 300 copies pressed), titled “Populous”, out in a couple of weeks via the mighty Polytechnic Youth label, Glasgow, Scotland‘s Sci-Fi music collective Tomorrow Syndicate reveal its enticing and mesmerizing sonic content, that will be not included on the band’s next full-length album, through an eye-opening video.

Moods awaken over a steadily hypnotic momentum of fast-paced, motorik drum beats along with resonant repetitive bassline throbs, amid bright humming synth chord expansions, swirling around high falling atmospheric vocals to spatially bloom, laced with piercing guitar riffs, into reverb-laden robotic echoes, within the hazy chaotic intense interludes.

Introspective lyrics explain the difficult thought processes involved in the growing computerization of life and the struggle to adjust, communicate, and disengage from the generic algorithm used on the masses.

Artwork by Nick Taylor

The Anti-Conformist video pops subliminally induced moods lit in neon accents along with atomic structures, geometric shapes, and line graphs, set in motion to a performance etched in an electric black and white overlay. Transitions cast ant-like movement over mindless shadows glitched facial expressions and numbered blindfolds, to reveal the anonymous depersonalization and roboticism of the system at work.

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Photo by @rosscoemcneill