WL//WH Track Of The Day: UMBRALL “Danza Macabra”

Track Of The Day  UMBRALL

Umbrall is a new Dark Electronics project from Colombia comprised of Alex Cortés and Leonardo Jaime (Antiflvx), whose debut single, “Danza Macabra”, renews the eerie and moody romance between the darkness, the occult, and the music.

“An ode to party, to secrecy, to joy. Party and moon, secret ritual.”

Darkly dramatic lyrics dive into the psychological realm of dark magic, where cruel pleasures, secret pacts, and sleepless nights give release from the oppressive rules of a self-righteous society.

“Danza Macabra” ceaselessly oscillates on a dancing hypnotic roll of driving rumbling bassline loops, punctuated by steady dry punchy beats and sneakingly rattling percussions, whilst insistent icy-bright synth riffs flash and pulse over sober, emotional spoken word baritones, alternating with dreamy carefree detachment, to exorcise tension and pain into the intoxicating danger and eternal allure of a “Dance Macabre”.

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