WL//WH Video of the Day: SONSOMBRE “The Future Is Black”

Video of the Day Sonsombre

Hailing from Northern Virginia, the solo project of Brandon Pybus under his Sonsombre moniker has stood for fresh, powerful and modern Oldschool Gothic Rock of exquisite unmistakable craftsmanship right from the very beginning.

Sonsombre has just released his first official video, shot in vintage VHS style, for the song “The Future Is Black”, taken from the forthcoming 11-track album, “The Veils Of Ending” due out on June 1, 2019, Ltd. digipack CD and digital, via Oskar Terramortis’ Finnish label Post Gothic.

Creepy Goblin-like music box notes pierce and echo eerily alone through a dark, stifling atmosphere as bass lines jiggle, bounce, and pulse with deep lively dismal throbs together with monotonous quick pounding drumbeats. Heavy, mid-range and metallic guitar harmonies saw and chafe abrasively completing the unison of heavy dark and course aberrations of the intro. 1:04 seconds in strong, austere, and ceremonious vocals riddled in fear, anxiety, and confusion laced with anger are prominently and precisely spewed into controlled chaos doused in End of World mayhem waiting for the last shoe to fall.

A song about purpose, destiny, and doom.  As a man is walking by the river, he kneels at the foot of the Ozarks, and starts choking on the fields of wheat as he contemplates the current situation; “I’m staring at a  black horizon, looking into the starlit sky.” He has been anxiously praying for the angels as he watches them fall and has taken heed to the warning of “The Rabbi man born to die.” He is not ready for the apocalypse, with reverence, fear, and humble anger he says, “Slow down! Come on! “The Future Is Black!” Come on!”

The accompanying video gives a candid, inside, and up-close look at Sonsomber’s Music Video for the new Gothic Rock track “The Future is Black.”  The opening scenic shot of The Ozarks gives an authentic view of the natural setting sprawling from the Virginia Foothills to the Western border of Missouri. Inside a dark grungy dive bar, an ominously mysterious band dressed in severe black with stoic looks upon their faces plays a post-apocalyptic song.  Brandon Pybus’ emotional and dramatic voice embodies the antagonist walking through the glorious Ozarks looking into a black horizon with fire in his eyes.

Deep luxurious stalwart vocals breath brooding life into poetic lyrics set against the backdrop of a United States National Forest covering 1.2 million acres of land!  Dark religious themes, perfect black attire, and an epic stage presence conjure Gothic, Post-Punk, Darkwave royalty ‘Andrew Eldritch!’

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