WL//WH Video of the Day : Ö-SIGMA “Death”

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Hailing from Lyon, French artist Didier Ciurana under the alias of Ö-Sigma is an author, poet, composer and electronic producer with a self proclaimed “taste for classical dramaturgy.” He released his debut album “Seul en Piste” last June and followed it up with a masterfully dark trilogy entitled “Digressions.”  A penchant for macabre posthumous comedy and a unique ability to craft noteworthy songs spanning anywhere from Mozart to Metallica, to Al Green, has helped the artist to build the anticipation for his latest works.

“I prepare for the year 2019 a thematic album based on a single word. It’s a story to follow …”

A poem from William Butler Yeats macabre enlightening tale of “Death.” Eeerie ambient drones encumbered by piercing theatrical strings filtered with soft, gentle, articulate speech, whispers and echoes soar to a peaceful sublime plateau create a haunting platform to recite words of fear, wisdom, and acceptance.

A poem examining peoples attitudes towards death, using an animal’s ignorance and lack of fear of its own unavoidable demise to show how fearful most humans are. Enlightening comparisons are made as Ö-SIGMA uses contrasts, pauses, and tonal shifts in his voice creating an intriguing, immersive and eye opening experience.

The accompanied video written, produced, and directed by Didier Ciurana aka Ö-SIGMA uses black and white photography, brilliant angles, lighting, and aerial views of an abandoned town to form a stark, dreary, lonely climate beautifully illustrating Yeats words of acumen.

A song and video that draw you in from the beginning and leave you with some deep thoughts to contemplate. Not for the faint of heart!

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