WL//WH New Music: THE CHURCHHILL GARDEN “Keep The Faith”

WL//WH New Music  The Churchhill Garden

As to celebrate the fresh release of the band’s sophomore album “Metamorphosis”, a remastered and remixed collection of the previous singles on limited edition Vinyl 12″ & CD formats,  Swiss musician and founder Andy Jossi and his North American dream bandmate from across the Atlantic, Krissy Vanderwoude (lyrics, vocals), a.k.a. The Churchhill Garden, have dropped over the weekend the brand new single “Keep the Faith”.

Once again, The Churchhill Garden has pushed the boundaries of their sound and style. “Keep the Faith” begins with a hint of a fast Northern Soul track and then dissolves into a noisy chorus, reminiscent of the Madchester era. Small guitar parts in the background occasionally recall the guitar pop of The Smiths, and above all, Krissy’s lyrics inspire the courage to keep going, even when things aren’t going well. Andy wasn’t entirely sure if the song would really work at first, but during the mixing process, it became clear that it does, and everyone who had the chance to hear it beforehand was caught tapping their feet to the beat.  

Nodding to the renowned ’70s Wigan Casino Northern soul all-nighter, “Keep The Faith” taps into the endless ethereal flow of the spirit realm to help others do more than just survive by believing in themselves, despite life’s downtrodden experience.

Up-lifting high-energy vibes blend lively pulsing bass lines with hard-hitting drum beats, rattling metallics, fluttering orchestrations, and sparkling, obsessive guitar melodies to create warm, vibrant immersive textures around evocative and comforting vocal layers, delivering inspirational insight into an emotional outpouring of hopeful visions.

Once again the duo reveals a genuine knack to sublimate their nuanced inspirational leanings in an array of charming, catchy, and absolutely captivating songs.

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