WL//WH Track Of The Day: LUXURY FURNITURE STORE “Myoclonic Fall”

Track Of The Day  Luxury Furniture Store 

While not frequenting the chilly mists of the Highlands, but the scorching Nevada desert, as well as the Scottish outfit Sun Shines Cold, which we recently praised, Las Vegas-based up and coming shoegazers, Luxury Furniture Store, made of Will Kim ( vocals, guitar), Julian West (bass), Holly Haywood (synth) and Dylan Hoover (drums), have all the sonic qualities that appeal to both shoegaze and most atmospheric post-punk aficionados.

The band craft a dark, enveloping, shimmering, elegantly textured sound, deftly harmonizing ethereality and distortion, the melancholic streak forlorn introspection of new wave/post-punk and the entrancing reverberant magnetism of shoegaze with subdued spirals of liquid psychedelia, coupled with a rich and confidential voice of a strong dreamy quality that somehow recalls Neil Tennant.

Drawing elements from 4AD’s ambient bliss, The Cure’s jangling crystalline 6-string tones, early Simple Minds’ mesmerising synth swathes, and Dominic Appleton’s Breathless’ restless wistfulness, “Myoclonic Fall” is the second single off the upcoming debut album, “Bedrot”, that lyric-wise grapples with the overwhelming fear and tension found in the alternate state of consciousness known as sleep paralysis.

Thumping steady drum beats elicit the forsaken bright warm breeze of sprawling airy synth sweeps, underlying by a pulsating round bass that draws incessantly bleak melodic lines, whilst glistening reverb-strewn guitar chimes wistfully around soft haunted, angsty vocals, blending anxiety and dread with sad echoes, to tumble effortlessly within a syncopated and humming flurry of worn-out turbulent distortion and distant lysergic shiny keyboard whirls, overflowing into fearful subconscious breaths of doom.

Judging from the latest two previews the forthcoming LP promises to be very interesting.

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Shot by Yasmina from @lasvegasweekly