WL//WH Track Of The Day : VARSOVIE “Le Lac”

 Video Of The Day  Varsovie

The intensity and immediacy of the music of the French duo Varsovie, made up of Arnault Destal (lyrics, drums, arrangements) and Grégory Cathérina (music, vocals, guitars), is inversely proportional to its prolificacy, just two albums in 13 years, the debut “Etat Civil” in 2008 and “L’Heure Et La Trajectoire” in 2013, both one of the most compelling and elegant expression in merging the anger and desperation of punk with the profundity and lyricism of the new wave and post-punk, enhanced with poetic, personal lyrics full of intriguing literary references.

The Grenoble‘s band have released today the first single from their forthcoming third full length “Coups Et Blessures”, with its distinctive flawless cover artwork, due out May 11th via Sundust Records.

“Le Lac” is minimal, dense, and immersive, as we know, unrelentingly propelled by pulsing bass lines and steady drums under a burst of abrasive sharp guitar riffs, building an utterly tense and anxious atmosphere, warmed up by the the beautifully emotional Grégory’s vocals steeped in melancholy and romanticism, it’s dark guitar-driven rock at its most essential and poignant, brimming with deep emotions and passion.

It has been a long wait, but it was totally worth it.

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