WL//WH Video of the Day: Rosegarden Funeral Party “Once In a While”

Video of the Day Rosegarden Funeral Party

Born out the demise of guitarist/lead singer Leah Lane’s former psych rock’n’roll project, Moon Waves, Dallas based seem to have found the perfect balance of their 80’s influenced post-punk sound around an ultimately stable formation based on Lane and her brother Will Farrier (bass) with the addiction of Tate Christopher (drums) and Mikka Vanya Brightheart (synth). 

Rosegarden Funeral Party released the single/video “Once In a While”, a song set against a depression borne of heartache and loss.

Fueling atmospheric synths with deeply intense emotional confessions of love and longing. Deep, rich, and  luxurious vocals of pain, loss, and suffering urgently pierce and begin to dismantle the distorted atmosphere doused in heavy reverb laden melancholia. A quick simple  drum pattern, haunting guitar melodies, and deep echoing bass lines seek dark quieted gloom and solitude.

Throwing herself into witchcraft, to avoid feelings of isolation, pain, and loss proves harder than first imagined. Instead of getting her mind off a lost love, she becomes obsessed and begins a quest to find and bring them back. With reckless abandon she pushes herself  to exhaustion, and allows fear inside her heart. Her sacred space has been compromised, albeit momentarily, she now risks her life….

Costume, makeup, and top knotch acting performance by Leah Lane portray the dramatic tale of the heartbroken witch’s relentless quest to bring love back from the other side. A beautiful long, black, body-hugging sequined gown shifts to a black tipped red dress of demise. Harrowed Cleopatra eyes filled with fervor, worry and grief  embody the sentiment of the song perfectly. Red lighting casts shadows of doubt, doom, and darkness setting the tone effectively. Time lapse photography and editing create an other-worldly effect while maintaining integrity.

Truly a job well done!  Applause…..

Video Edited, Directed, Filmed, and Produced by Erin Shae DeVany of All Hallows Productions.

Don’t miss out the band on the remaining Texas dates before starting the US West tour at the end of the month :

March 14 • Dozen St • Austin TX

March 15 • Andy’s • Denton TX

March 17 • Wax Club • San Antonio, TX

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