WL//WH Video of the Day : ₲ardeŋ ɵƒ “Violet – Faded – Divided”

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₲ardeŋ ɵƒ is a new project from Warsaw, Poland, comprised of vocalist SKY, whose ethereal / dark electronic first solo album “Prey” has just been released last week, and musician 777, a.k.a. Jakub Adamiak, on the verge of dropping their debut full-length, due out Dec. 3, on ultra-limited 50 cassette edition (pre-order on bandcamp), via Berlin based ‘seal of quality’ tape label Squall Recordings.

A viscerally atmospheric, gloomy and immersive dystopic coldwave sound made of droning drum machines, icy plaintive synth, hypnotic bass and tormented yet ethereal vocals, merging elements of darkwave, industrial, dark ambient, post-punk even witch house. 

“Violet – Faded – Divided” relies on clanging foreshadowing bass line, frozen swelling synths, and underlying low rhythms that introduce haunted strained angelic vocals with high pitched moans of ecstasy and agony. Sinister bass melodies of an apocalyptic nature combine with obsessive foreboding claustrophobic synths building up in intensity and drama, stirring echoes, and acute whipping beats and claps making the song alluringly mournful yet eerily danceable as whispers and striking shrills repeat, “hit me.”

Shrouded in a violet veil of scars and abuse, a woman reveals a torrential sea of agony, torment, and insurmountable pain that blocks a her from moving forward. It’s as if she has developed an alter ego telling her to hurt herself and at the same time pleading, “hit me one more time.” A deeply oppressed soul with no hope for the future.

The accompanied visuals, mixed and mastered by Wawrzyniec Wróblewski, use different exposures of lighting, superimposed imagery, and pulses in sync with the instrumentation. A violet haze (giving a nod to the lyrics) engulfs a city in ruin creating a scary and hypnotic atmosphere as panoramic views emphasize the depth and broadness of the profound seeded internal disfigurement.

A beautifully disturbing voice harmonized with dark ominous instrumentation, and a video that ties it up in a neat bow.

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